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Dana White On Steroids In UFC: “If You Are Cheating, You Will Get Caught”

The president of the UFC has responded on record to Nate Diaz’s claim that Conor McGregor, and all other UFC fights are on steroids. Dana White recently replied to the accusation on TMZ Sports, saying their current drug testing policy catches all fighters who use performance enhancing drugs.

“The UFC unquestionably has the best drug testing program in all of sports,”White told TMZ Sports.

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Doping by Amateurs: Sport’s next horizon


The past few months have been traumatic for the world of athletics as it struggles to fight free of a suffocating doping and corruption scandal. On the flip side, it has been quite a turnaround for cycling, which has started to emerge from the dark days of the Lance Armstrong era and is now cited widely as a benchmark for the bosses of track and field.… Continue Reading...

School steroid scourge – 2/3 taking steroids to look better (not athletics)

Durban – The stories from Dr Kevin McEwen and Sharon (not her real name) provide a poignant and frightening exclamation mark to this week’s SA Institute for Drug Free Sport presentation and two SharkSmart surveys which highlight the prevalence of steroid use in schools.

Although the presentation by Amanda Claassen-Smithers, an education manager at the institute, focussed on the school sports environment, the statistics she shared back up local SharkSmart studies conducted in 2011 and 2013 and prove the steroid culture in schools is in no way limited to sportsmen.… Continue Reading...

Stimulants—Give your heart a break

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Dietary supplements containing stimulants can negatively affect your heart and increase your risk of an adverse event. Stimulants such as caffeine, yohimbine, and synephrine can cause increased or irregular heart rate and high blood pressure and have been associated with chest pain, stroke, and heart attack. In addition, ingesting stimulants before or during exercise can further increase your risk for such heart problems and lead to potentially worse outcomes.… Continue Reading...

11 sickened, 1 hospitalized by protein shakes made by Florida-based company

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is reporting that 11 people have been sickened in an outbreak of salmonella virchow.

The illnesses have been reported in nine states after people consumed protein shakes made by Palm Beach Gardens-based company Garden of Life.

One person has been hospitalized.

The state include Wisconsin, Tennessee, Oregon, New Jersey, New Mexico and Utah.… Continue Reading...

Comedian Paul Rodriguez says Will Smith used steroids during the filming of ‘Ali’

Comic Paul Rodriguez says Will Smith was “an a--hole” to him during the filming of “Ali.”

Comedian Paul Rodriguez just threw some major shade at “Men in Black” star Will Smith.

The funny man and activist trashed the high-powered actor during a Friday interview on San Diego radio station KIOZ.

“I’ve done a couple of films with him and this time we didn’t end up so good,” he said, referencing the pair’s time working together on “Ali,” a 2001 film featuring Smith in the title role.… Continue Reading...

York gym instructor, 34, died after injecting steroids

New Earswick Folk Hall, where the inquest was held

New Earswick Folk Hall, where the inquest was held

A man died suddenly in York when an infection caught from injecting steroids took hold in his heart, an inquest has heard.

Andrew Johnson, an instructor at the city’s Fitness First, was just 34 when he died in February last year.

It emerged at his inquest that his sudden death was most likely caused by a virulent infection picked up from injecting steroids, even though Mr Johnson was “fastidious” about hygiene and took great care to use sterile and safe equipment.… Continue Reading...

15 and on Steroids: Whatever it takes for a perfect body

Widespread us of anabolic steroids by youth is going on in the U.K., the U.S. and elsewhere.  Yet  many of our leaders are in denial that the problem even exists!

Please watch this video.

“Bignattydaddy became a viral internet sensation. At 15 years old, he chronicled his body building on social media, openly flaunting the fact he was on steroids – a controlled substance which are illegal without a prescription in the USA.… Continue Reading...

Steroids sold illegally via Facebook, BBC investigation finds

Prostasia Official Facebook page

Prostasia, which has at least two Facebook pages, is one of dozens of online sellers found by the BBC

Dealers offering illegal performance-enhancing drugs that can cause severe side effects are selling their products via Facebook, the BBC has discovered.

Anabolic steroids are used to enhance athletic performance and increase muscle mass but can cause heart and liver problems.… Continue Reading...

FDA: Majority of herbal supplements at GNC, Walmart, Walgreens, and Target don’t contain what they claim

It has been proved that Walmart, Walgreens, Target, and GNC are selling supplements that to not contain the ingredients on the label.

There was a research conducted by the New York State attorney general`s office on the store-brand herbal supplements at four national retailers. The results have found that GNC, Target, Walgreens and Wal-Mart, which are the major retail stores, are selling supplements that do not contain the ingredients shown on their labels.… Continue Reading...