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College professor implicated in large North Texas illegal steroid distribution ring

An accomplished Auburn University science professor is among those charged in federal court in Dallas in connection with an illegal steroid distribution ring, court records show.

Yonnie Wu was director of the Alabama college’s Mass Spectrometry Center in its chemistry and biochemistry department.

Prosecutors say he tested steroids from China and other sources in his university lab so the conspirators could market the drugs on websites that vouched for the purity and quality of the products.… Continue Reading...

Bigorexia is real … and it kills. The men who are obsessed with pumping iron

Danger ... Bigorexia sufferer Calvin has quit steroids but still can't stop his punishing workouts

GOING to the gym is supposed to be good for you – but sufferers of a new addiction are risking their lives when they work out.

Known as bigorexia, it makes people obsess over beefing up their bodies, and no amount of muscle is ever enough.

The condition can also lead sufferers, who are mainly men, to abuse supplements and steroids in their bid for bulk.… Continue Reading...

Father injected steroids into 10-year-old

The 42-year-old, from Randaberg municipality, north of Stavanger, also gave his son intramuscular injections of other unnamed substances, and steroids in tablet form, starting in 2008 and continuing until 2012.… Continue Reading...

Illegal Steroids Aren’t Just For Athletes: Tons Of Average People Are Doing It

Jose Canseco

Steroids have an obvious association with sports. The performance-enhancing drugs are a natural temptation for athletes, and dozens of prominent American athletes have either admitted, been tied to, or suspected of using steroids to enhance their bodies.

But in all of the news broken about steroids, interesting figures have surfaced that suggest the steroid market is huge — much bigger than elite athletes could support on their own.… Continue Reading...

Big Dead Bodybuilders: The ultimate price of bodybuilding?

Here’s what you need to know…

  1. Becoming a top level bodybuilder requires the use of powerful drugs which have been linked to organ failure and early death.
  2. While anabolic steroids are obviously used heavily, other drugs may contribute more to health issues, such as insulin, HGH, and diuretics.
  3. There is use, misuse, and abuse when it comes to bodybuilding drugs.
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Andrej Gajdos: 19 year old steroid-user dies – “family in steroid plea after tragic teenager’s death”


Gym fanatic who stood 7ft 2in tall died 'after steroids swelled heart by more than 50 per cent'

The family of a fanatical teenage bodybuilder who died when a major artery burst in his chest today warned others about the dangers of steroid abuse.

Man-mountain Andrej Gajdos, 19, who was 7ft 2ins, worked out twice a day and weighed 19 stone when he died.

He started going to the gym as a shy, skinny 16-year-old, but quickly became a fitness fanatic who dreamed of becoming a world-class wrestler like The Rock.… Continue Reading...

Supplement dangers: DMAA is still around

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By:  Human Performance Resource Center Staff

DMAA has been illegal as a dietary supplement ingredient for more than 2 years, but products containing this substance continue to be available. Many are still being produced (or produced again), and some are even new. That means it’s very important to read dietary supplement product labels carefully to make sure yours doesn’t contain this potentially dangerous ingredient.… Continue Reading...

19-year old steroid-using bodybuilder collapsed and died after heart attack

Andrej Gajdos

Andrej Gajdos

A 19-year-old fitness fanatic died within minutes after a major artery suddenly ruptured.

Andrej Gajdos, from Weston-super-Mare, collapsed outside a Tesco branch in the town on May 29.

Although members of the public and paramedics tried to revive him, an inquest at Avon Coroners’ Court heard that he died almost instantly.… Continue Reading...

Major study suggests 1-in-12 top European football players could use steroids

European football’s governing body, Uefa, insists professional football does not have a drug problem, after a study it commissioned found 1-in-12 top players had suspiciously high levels of testosterone, consistent with the use of anabolic steroids. The tests were conducted among top-level players from international teams and top leagues including the Premier League.… Continue Reading...

Muscle dysmorphia: One in 10 men in gyms believed to have ‘bigorexia’


It’s feared one in 10 men training in UK gyms could have a condition which can lead to depression, steroid abuse and even suicide.

Muscle dysmorphia, which is also known as bigorexia, is an anxiety disorder which causes someone to see themselves as small, despite being big and muscular.

The condition can affect men and women, but one expert suggested many cases go unreported.… Continue Reading...