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Lyndon State College hosted THF Hoot’s Chalk Talk

LYNDON CENTER, Vt. – On Friday, August 28, 2015, Damien Martinez from the Taylor Hooton Foundation spoke to the Lyndon community about Appearance and Performance Enhancing Drugs.  The Taylor Hooton Foundation (THF) is a non-profit organization founded by the family and friends of Taylor Hooton, who, at the age of 17, took his own life due to depression caused by steroid use. … Continue Reading...

Is High Steroid Use Among Cops Causing their Violent Actions?

It’s no secret that in many communities peace officers have become anything but peaceful. Is a large part of it due to steriod abuse? Journalist David Krajicek thinks so – and he’s not alone. According to his recent article on AlterNet, a large part of the problem may be substance abuse.… Continue Reading...

Steroid-using US Soldier Who Murdered 16 Afghans Was Erratic, Violent

Staff Sgt. Robert Bales (L) is seen during an exercise at the National Training Center in Fort Irwin, California, in this August 23, 2011, photo.

Staff Sgt. Robert Bales (L) is seen during an exercise at the National Training Center in Fort Irwin, California, in this August 23, 2011, photo.

The base stationing soldier suffered from low standards and discipline. Some leaders also were complicit in alcohol and steroid use.

The U.S. soldier who shot dead 17 Afghan women and children in 2012 had showed signs of violence one month before the incident and was also reported by one of his fellow soldiers for erratic behavior due to his use of steroids while on duty, an investigation by the U.S.… Continue Reading...

More Men Are Overusing Body-Building Supplements


An increasing number of men are overusing body-building supplements in an attempt to meet the modern ideal of masculinity, researchers reported at the American Psychological Association annual meeting.

Low-self esteem and poor body image are also driving men to take the supplements. The trend signals an emerging eating disorder among men, according to the researchers from Alliant International University in Los Angeles.… Continue Reading...

The Signs of Anabolic Steroid Use



The Clear Signs of Anabolic Steroid Use – The Gazette Review

One of the most common problems among athletes at all levels of competition is anabolic steroids, which can wreak havoc on the body in many ways. Anabolic steroid use is associated often with a youth athlete, since this is when he or she tries performance enhancing drugs often for the first time.

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Pro gaming league bans same drugs as the Olympics

The Electronic Sports League (ESL) professional gaming organization has announced it’s taking a tighter stance on drug control.

Gamers competing in eSports events will now have to avoid a list of banned substances compiled by the World Anti-Doping Agency.
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Banned substances include marijuana, anabolic steroids and growth hormones.… Continue Reading...

UK: Hundreds hooked on steroids in search of a ‘body beautiful’

Hundreds of young people in the north-east are risking their lives to try to get TV star looks.

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Opinion: Like Athletes, Actors Use Steroids to Get Ahead. That’s Wrong.

by Orion Jones

Like Athletes, Actors Use Steroids to Get Ahead.… Continue Reading...

UFC’s Anderson Silva suspended for one year for steroids

Anderson Silva

UFC middleweight fighter Anderson Silva has been suspended one year by the Nevada Athletic Commission after testing positive for steroids following his unanimous decision victory over Nick Diaz at UFC 183..

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PLAY Campaign makes stop at Dodger Stadium for nutrition talk, drills, Q & A

Turner promotes healthy choices in youth event

Dodgers’ Justin Turner talks healthy choices |

LOS ANGELES — The Dodgers hosted the National PLAY Campaign on Saturday morning, with third baseman Justin Turner, members of the Dodgers training staff and Damian Rodriquez of the Taylor Hooton Foundation speaking to kids at Dodger Stadium about the importance of eating healthy and staying active.

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