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LaRon Landry (Indianapolis Colts) tests positive for PEDs

The Colts safety was busted for a positive test during the season.

At the very time many NFL players are returning from performance-enhancing drug suspensions, the Indianapolis Colts have learned that they’ll be without starting safety LaRon Landry for the next four weeksdue to a positive test.

The NFL and the NFLPA revamped the drug policy this season to, amongst other things, allow certain PED offenders more lenient punishments.… Continue Reading...

Tim Kennedy: ‘Smaller and fatter’ Vitor Belfort has ‘no chance without his magic juice’ (steroids)

Tim Kennedy is fighting in two days and hasn’t been drug tested. This is a problem for Tim Kennedy, because as he’ll be the first to tell you, Tim Kennedy could be pumped full of steroids this very second and you’d be none the wiser.

But that’s not to suggest Kennedy has aired his concern purely for public consumption.… Continue Reading...

Steroid use allegations added to civil suit against police officer

Allegations of steroid use are now a factor in a civil suit filed by a woman who says a former Terrace RCMP officer assaulted her husband to the point it left him with a permanent brain injury two years ago.

In a civil suit filed January 17, 2014, Heather Prisk said RCMP Const.… Continue Reading...

Drug Testing in Equine Prepurchase Evaluation

The purpose of a prepurchase evaluation is to determine if a horse is physically suitable for a buyer’s intended use. Communicating the intended purpose of a horse is critical for the veterinarian to do a thorough and appropriate prepurchase evaluation.

Drug screening is an important component of the prepurchase evaluation because it can offer additional information pertaining to the ability of the horse to fit the buyer’s needs.… Continue Reading...

Weightlifting Medal Revoked After Athlete Found To Have Taken Steroids

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 18 (Bernama) — The gold medal won by 2014 Perlis Sukma, sportswoman Jenilie Empera in the women’s weightlifting not exceeding 75kg has been revoked after she was found to have taken steroids.

In making the announcement, Youth and Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin said the decision to withdraw the medal was made after a test on the second blood sample taken from the athlete found steroids.… Continue Reading...

Steroids in horse racing: Why a total ban is logical – and necessary

SEPTEMBER 18, 2014
Steroid use is the most high-profile medical issue in racing today. Photo: Kreg Steppe/Flickr.

Steroid use is the most high-profile medical issue in racing today.

Use of anabolic steroids is among the most high-profile medical issues in racing today. The cases of trainers Mahmood Al Zarooni and Gerard Butler in Britain and jumps trainer Philip Fenton in Ireland have prompted major policy re-thinks by the world’s racing jurisdictions – and most of them have come down hard in a bid to rule out steroid use completely.

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Steroids posing risk to health freak youths

In a bid to increase body’s muscle building ability, the excessive usage of steroids is becoming popular among city youth these days.

 According to the city-based fitness trainers, not fitness, but building a body with great aesthetic appeal has become the latest fad amongst the city youngsters.

Harinder Singh, fitness trainer at Speed Fitness World, said, “Youngsters often visit us with a wish to build muscular body in short span of time.… Continue Reading...

Florida TV Station provided great coverage of one of our clinics

By Romney Smith


Steroids is not a party drug and you can’t get high, because it’s an achievement drug.

The Clay County school district is stepping up training to make sure everyone in a sports uniform is on an equal playing field.

Jacob Moore is a senior football player at Ridgeview High School and says he’s concerned over other players using steroids.

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Sports nutrition: Fueling the student athlete

Making smart food choices can be challenging for any of us, but student-athletes face a particularly unique set of challenges. They’re balancing the demands of classes, study time, after-school (and sometimes before-school) practice, as well as friends and family, all the while trying to maximize their energy, performance, and recovery.

Here’s a rundown of five top sports nutrition strategies that work, including the scoop on tried-and-true insider tips from fellow sports dietitians Jamie Meeks and Tavis Piattoly on what works best for their student athletes at LSU and Tulane University.… Continue Reading...


September 17, 2014

The NFL and NFL Players Association have reached agreement on wide-ranging improvements to their policy on performance enhancing substances that include the use of third-party arbitration appeals of positive tests and implementation of testing for human growth hormone within the next few weeks.

The NFL and NFLPA are nearing an agreement on changes to the substance abuse policy that is expected to be announced when it is completed.… Continue Reading...