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Amazon’s Illegal Drug Dealing

Prescription Pills.

Steroids, muscle relaxants, and prescription antibiotics delivered right to your door.

by:  Ford Vox

My wife Lisa doesn’t cherish the fact that this story begins by disclosing her recent acne flare-up. But given the wider public health implications, she’s given me permission to write about the stubborn collection of pimples on her left cheek that didn’t respond to her usual skin care.

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USA Track & Field Gives Dennis Mitchell, Banned for Doping in the Past, Another Chance

Dennis Mitchell

How sad for USA Track & Field. They’ve clearly run out of credible coaches.

Of all the talented trainers in the United States, USATF, which governs track and field in this country, had to resort to naming Dennis Mitchell to lead its sprint teams at the I.A.A.F. World Relays in the Bahamas last week.… Continue Reading...

Steroid user (teen) kills his father

FORT MYERS, Fla. – A Cape Coral teenager will spend six years in prison for killing his father in December 2012.

19-year-old Baron Verzi will also serve three years probation for the stabbing murder of 69-year-old Thomas Verzi.

Verzi did not receive a longer sentence because his confession was declared inadmissible because he wasn’t read his Miranda Rights before talking to police.… Continue Reading...

3 Simple Tricks for Athletes to Eat Well on a Budget

Eating on a Budget for Athletes

Eating well to support athletic performance can be difficult – especially when you have a tight budget. How can you get the biggest bang for your buck and choose healthy options, all while shopping quickly and efficiently? How can you pack and prepare meals, or make smart decisions while eating out?… Continue Reading...

Grocery Shopping on a Budget for Athletes

This is a really good podcast with some great information.  To listen to this podcast, please visit

Podcast Notes:

  1. Tips to help athletes learn how to shop smart
  2. Is it beneficial to go to the grocery with a list and does it save you money
  3. If there a difference in quality and nutritional value between store and named brand products
  4. If there’s an advantage for athletes to eat organic foods and is there any research that Christine’s aware of that eating organic will improve health and performance
  5. Is Eating Healthy more expensive than eating foods with less nutritional value
  6. Inexpensive foods athletes can purchase that can be included as part of a healthy and well balanced diet.
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Substance abuse service offered to bodybuilders for their steroid use

Bodybuilders who inject steroids are being urged to engage with a Kirklees substance abuse service amid a rise in muscle boosting drug use

Bodybuilders who inject steroids are being urged to engage with a Kirklees substance abuse service amid a rise in muscle boosting drug use.

Lifeline Kirklees, has already extended its service to help steroid and “image enhancement” drug users, including the establishment of a needle exchange service at one north Kirklees gym.… Continue Reading...

Steroids and other drugs permeate professional wrestling

IN JULY 1994, Terry Gene Bollea walked into a federal courtroom on Long Island and talked openly about steroid use in professional wrestling. He described how it had all started for him.

The middle of 1976. Anabol, decagabril, testosterone. Injectables. Orals. According to Bollea, 80% of wrestlers used steroids. There was a doctor, George Zahorian, in Pennsylvania who went to the taping of wrestling shows, met with performers and distributed various drugs.… Continue Reading...

World powerlifting champion David Gladwell ordered to repay £114,000


A WORLD powerlifting champion and gym owner from St Ives has been ordered to repay £114,000 as his benefit from crime after he sold banned steroids to people all over the world.

David Gladwell, 37, of Trelawney Avenue, St Ives, ran a “professional” business selling the drugs online, which can be used by athletes to make themselves stronger and more muscular.… Continue Reading...

Dougall Fraser

Confession: I’ve Done Steroids

Think of an occasion when you felt like you weren’t quite good enough. This feeling of wishing you were taller, thinner, more attractive or [fill in the blank] can occur several times in life. Caring friends may remind you that “you are perfect just the way you are.” After rolling your eyes, stop for a minute and let that sink in.… Continue Reading...

Rodney Clavell’s son blames his father for descent into steroid use and violent crime

THE son of Rodney Clavell has blamed his fugitive father’s influence for a steroid-fuelled spree of driving, drug and assault offences — but says he will rehabilitate by turning to Islam.

The Adelaide Magistrates Court today branded Daniel Joel Clavell “belligerent and defiant” as it sentenced him for a series of offences committed between August 2013 and January this year.… Continue Reading...