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Testosterone supplements linked to heart attacks

A new medical study draws a link between testosterone supplements and heart attacks.


An analysis authored by epidemiologist William Finkle and researchers at UCLA of insurance claims for more than 55,000 men looked at the rate of heart attacks within 90 days of starting testosterone. In men 65 and older, the risk more than doubled.… Continue Reading...

Outspoken anti-steroid advocate Berkman calls it quits

HOUSTON — Lance Berkman, an outspoken critic of Major League Baseball players who used steroids, announced his retirement Wednesday, drawing the curtain on a 15-year all-star career.

“It doesn’t make sense to play in the physical condition I’m in,” Berkman told… Continue Reading...

New law: 25 years in jail for steroid possession and supply

ANTI-VIOLENCE campaigners have welcomed new laws to combat street violence but believe responsibility also lies with the judiciary and the rest of the country (Australia).

Mandatory minimum sentences for fatal alcohol and drug-fuelled assaults and earlier lockouts will be in place this weekend after NSW parliament passed anti-violence legislation on Thursday night.… Continue Reading...

Are steroids to blame for Cong. Michael Grimm’s outburst?

Michael Grimm, the Republican congressman who threatened a New York TV reporter by telling him, “I’ll break you in half,” and “I’ll throw you off this f****** balcony” following Tuesday night’s State of the Union address, has now apologized for his behavior.

Michael Grimm apology

At the same time, a former political opponent has told the political news web site Talking Points Memo that steroid use is to blame for a history of enraged outbursts by Grimm, of which the Tuesday night incident was only the latest.… Continue Reading...

Association of Ringside Physicians wants TRT gone, Dana White agrees

The Association of Ringside Physicians wants to get rid of testosterone usage exemptions (TUE) and UFC president Dana White is on board with it.

The UFC Prez supports the ARP’s release on doing away with TRT exemptions in combat sports.

The ARP released a statement Monday saying that the need for testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) due to hypogonadism in professional athletes is “extraordinarily rare.” In the case of that legitimate affliction, a TUE would be justified, but not in other situations.… Continue Reading...

Association of Ringside Physicians Releases Consensus Statement on Therapeutic Use Exemptions for Testosterone Replacement Therapy

January 27, 2014

The Association of Ringside Physicians (ARP), an international, non-profit organization dedicated to the health and safety of the boxer and mixed martial arts athlete, has released a consensus statement on therapeutic use exemptions for testosterone replace therapy in professional combat sport athletes, as follows:

The incidence of hypogonadism requiring the use of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) in professional athletes is extraordinarily rare.… Continue Reading...

UFC: Dana White (UFC Pres.) supports testosterone ban

UFC president Dana White has given his backing to a bid to eliminate testosterone replacement therapy in mixed martial arts.

The Association of Ringside Physicians, involved in both boxing and MMA, have issued a statement calling for the elimination of therapeutic use exemptions for testosterone, which has proved to be a thorny issue in MMA for years.… Continue Reading...

Dramatic increase in steroid use among men

QUEENSLAND needle exchanges have more clients using steroids than any other substance, topping traditional injecting drugs like heroin.

The drug behind Queensland thugs

The Courier-Mail can reveal more than half the needles used at most exchanges are for the use of steroids as young men use the drug to morph into what police say are “super strong” thugs.… Continue Reading...

Terri Harris

IFBB Pro Melody Spetko is reporting that heavyweight female bodybuilder Terri Harris has passed away.

Terri, 49, who competed in the female bodybuilding category of at the IFBB Tampa Pro is believed to have suffered a heart attack.

Leading tributes to Terri, Melody said: “Truly one very sad moment. I was just informed that Terri Harris, who made her pro debut this weekend, had just passed away from a massive heart attack.

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Daniele Seccarecci

Weighing 135kg (297.6lb), Seccarecci’s height and thickly muscle-bound arms – huge even by the standards of his fellow competitors – brought him acclaim both on the bodybuilding circuit and in his native Italy. There he was the subject of an hour-long special on the music and entertainment channel MTV and appeared on Lo Show Dei Record, a prime-time programme dedicated to displays of extraordinary capabilities .

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