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80-year old weightlifter busted for steroids!


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — The latest target on the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency’s list: An 80-year-old weightlifter who was busted for steroids.

The agency that brought down Lance Armstrong announced a two-year suspension for Don Ramos of Colorado Springs, Colo., who tested positive for steroids while attempting to set a world record in his age group at the Pan American Masters Weightlifting Championships in June.… Continue Reading...

Hulk Hogan Steroids: Professional Wrestler Admits To Using Steroids

Hulk Hogan

Hulk used steroids.  Is anyone out there surprised?  Really?


Hulk Hogan Steroids: Professional Wrestler Admits To Using SteroidsHulk Hogan, who is unarguably one of the most iconic and influential figures to ever grace a professional wrestling ring, appeared on Rover’s Morning Glory radio show recently, and discussed his steroid use in the early part of his career.Continue Reading...

Selling steroids and HGH for anti-aging, bodybuilding, athletics, etc. is illegal


Thomas Perls MD, MPH, Professor of Medicine at Boston University and Boston Medical Center testified in 2008 as an expert witness for the U.S. Congressional Committee on Oversight and Government Reform about the medical misuse of growth hormone prior to hearings on the Mitchell Report and Steroids in Baseball.

The myths about HGH and anabolic steroids

Testosterone and other anabolic steroids and growth hormone are not just about cheating and they’re not just a problem to be dealt with by Major League Baseball and other overseers of professional sports.… Continue Reading...

Taylor Hooton Foundation to Present to Wilmington University Student-Athletes on PEDs


Tuesday, August 27, 2013 – Newark, Del.

Among the on-going performance enhancing drug speculations going on at the professional level across the sports spectrum, Wilmington University is taking steps to bring awareness to its youth in athletics by bringing in the Taylor Hooton Foundation for a presentation on October 20.… Continue Reading...

U.S. anti-doping CEO sees no letup in pressure to cheat

He says prosecution of Lance Armstrong holds lesson for Wall Street

Travis Tygart, a former Dallas lawyer who led the investigation and prosecution against cyclist Lance Armstrong, said there is tremendous pressure on athletes and business leaders to do whatever it takes to win, including cheating.

Tygart, the chief executive of the U.S.

Continue Reading...

Canada cop punished for illegal steroid purchase

Guelph cop forfeits 160 hours’ pay for buying steroids for colleague

 Helping a fellow Guelph Police Services officer buy anabolic steroids will cost a constable about $6,400 in wages.

 Const. Matthew Drenters, 45, was ordered Monday to forfeit 160 hours of pay and perform 40 hours of community service.

 Niagara Police Supt.… Continue Reading...

Some athletes are born to never fail a steroid test

This Gene Lets Doping Athletes Pass Pee-in-the-Cup Steroid Tests

This Gene Lets Doping Athletes Pass Pee-In-The-Cup Steroid Tests

Some people are just naturally good at cheating. That is they’re born with a gene that allows them to take steroids, but pass traditional tests — without any of the designer masking agents that many athletes have turned to. And in a lot of leagues that’s as good as a licence to dope your brains out.… Continue Reading...

Fla. Doc says steroids a widespread problem in HS sports


The twenty years American Heritage Coach Brad Tremper has coached youngsters that have taught him not to be naive when it comes to steroids.

“I haven’t seen it here,” said Tremper. “I can’t say it doesn’t go on, because kids go to the gym and you never know what happens when a child leaves school.”

But he says American Heritage has kept steroids out of their players’ bodies by closely watching physical development, emphasizing strength rather than size, and explaining how dangerous steroids are.… Continue Reading...

Taylor Hooton Foundation To Focus Efforts on Florida High Schools


Taylor Hooton Foundation To Focus Efforts on Florida High Schools

McKinney, TX (August 27, 2013) The Taylor Hooton Foundation (THF), widely acknowledged leader in the advocacy against anabolic steroid and other APED abuse by the youth of North America, announced today that they will be making a concerted effort to reach out to Florida educators and politicians to assist in providing additional education to their students, coaches and teachers in light of the recent news from the Miami Herald of significant steroid usage among high schoolers in the state.… Continue Reading...

Are energy drink makers targeting and harming kids?

(CBS News) Sales of energy drinks are on the rise in the U.S. but mounting concerns over the safety and marketing of energy drinks to children led to a Senate hearing on Wednesday.

“Across the board, makers of energy drinks say consistently that they do not market their products to children, Senator, take a look at that cover.… Continue Reading...