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Chuck the steroids and hit the gym

Chuck the steroids and hit the gym!

Says Manoj Chopra, India’s first WWE champ, who was recently in town to attend a college function.

His vast list of entertaining gigs include tearing a 1,000-page telephone directory, bending iron rods with his teeth and breaking police handcuffs - all in a jiffy!… Continue Reading...

Pharmacist gets 2 1/2 year term: steroid distribution

PITTSBURGH — A pharmacist has been sentenced to 2½ years in federal prison after pleading guilty to helping a former Pittsburgh Steelers team doctor illegally distribute anabolic steroids in an investigation spun off from a national crackdown on the performance enhancing drugs.

William Sadowski, 47, of Robinson Township, pleaded guilty in November to conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute anabolic steroids and human growth hormones, or HGH, and was sentenced Tuesday by Senior U.S.… Continue Reading...

Prison wardens supply inmates with steroids

Prague, Feb 26 (CTK) – The Czech GIBS police inspection has uncovered a distribution network with banned substances, mostly anabolic steroids, in the Mirov prison, north Moravia, GIBS spokeswoman Radka Sandorova told CTK yesterday.

The detectives have detained eight persons and levelled six charges, Sandorova said about the raid in one of the tight security prisons, adding that the group had been involved in trading in drugs and anabolic steroids.… Continue Reading...

Tammy Thomas

Tammy Thomas, left, is seen at the World Cup Track event in Monterrey, Mexico in April 2002. At right, personal trainer Tammy Thomas gives instructions during a Go For The Gold challenge in Ridgeland, Miss.

Tammy Thomas mounted the podium after winning the 500-meter Olympic cycling time trial in Frisco, Texas.

A muscular athlete with quiet determination, the Yazoo City native had just bested fellow cyclist Chris Witty in the quest to compete in the 2000 Summer Olympics. It's a quest she'd ultimately lose, but Thomas didn't know that at the time.… Continue Reading...

Harmful side effects of steroids linger for years

The first time professional cyclist Matt DeCanio took steroids, he felt an immediate difference.

His body tingled with a burst of energy that allowed him to perform at levels he'd previously only imagined. Instead of getting tired after a workout, the steroids allowed him to quickly recover and proceed to the next challenge.… Continue Reading...

Number of people using steroids will shock people!

The number of people using steroids behind closed doors would shock people, says a local gym owner.

The head of New Zealand’s anti-doping agency, Graeme Steel, says an increasing obsession with appearance and body shape has led to an increase in the use of steroids and other performance enhancing drugs.

John Templeton of MountCross-Fit talks about the use of steroids and the effects these have on personality.

John Templeton of MountCross-Fit talks about the use of steroids and the effects these have on personality.

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Brother and Sister sold steroids at their gym

A BROTHER and sister have escaped a prison sentence after selling illegal steroids to professional body builders at their Latchford Gym.

Brother and sister sold illegal steroids at gym

David and Tracey Pritchard run the Hard Labour gym on Grange Avenue where steroids worth £15,000 were found by police.

Earlier this month Warrington Crown Court heard how a small room there was used as a 'shop' for the class C drug.… Continue Reading...

(Alleged) Major steriod distributor in Houston arrested

William Tyler Thrift, who had been the target of an investigation of illegal steroids, was arrested late Tuesday night (February 12) by Friendswood Police.

Alleged 'major player' steroids dealer arrested

Chief Robert Wieners said Thrift used to live in Friendswood and had likely been operating in the greater Clear Lake area.

He gave officers a Houston address when he was stopped in the 700 block of E.

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Use of steroids in gyms rockets

Drug Free Sport leader blames obsession with looking good and worries about spillover into pro and amateur ranks.

An increasing obsession with appearance and body shape has led to a spike in the use of steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs in gymnasiums, the head of New Zealand’s anti-doping agency says.

Drug Free Sport New Zealand chief executive Graeme Steel said a drug culture was developing in gyms which could spill over into professional and amateur sport.… Continue Reading...

“We all know that Cyborg Santos is Using Steroids”

Heading into UFC 157, where Ronda Rousey fights Liz Carmouche in the first women’s title bout in promotional history, many people are asking why Cristiane “Cyborg” Santos left the UFC for Invicta.

According to Dr. AnnMaria De Mars, Rousey’s mother, the answer is not complicated: The dominant Brazilian fighter is using performance-enhancing drugs.

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