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Take steroids out of college football

Texas A&M vs. Oklahoma should be a highly entertaining college bowl matchup, featuring A&M's Johnny Manziel, the first freshman to win the Heisman Trophy that symbolizes college football's top player.

And that bowl game, one of a plethora, is just the warm-up act to the national championship game itself, to be played in early January between Notre Dame and Alabama, two of the winningest college football programs in history.

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Anti-doping warrior Dr. Margaret Goodman named “Boxing Person of the Year”

All of us at the Taylor Hooton Foundation extend our hand of congratulations to Dr. Goodman!  This is the kind of warrior that we need in EVERY sport at every level in the United States and Canada!


Dr. Margaret Goodman, the former professional ringside physician appointed to the Nevada State Athletic Commission in 1994, was named “Person of the Year in Boxing” by HBO boxing commentator, Jim Lampley, on his show, “The Fight Game.” Goodman is the president and chairperson of the board of Voluntary Anti-Doping Association (VADA), an independent organization that provides sophisticated anti-doping testing for boxers and mixed martial arts athletes.Continue Reading...

Universities’ policies vary widely on steroids

West Virginia University football players who test positive for steroids have to call their parents in the presence of head coach Dana Holgorsen and inform them of the failed test.

They also have to submit to an evaluation at the university's Carruth Center for Counseling and Psychological Services and are kicked off the team permanently if they test positive a third time.Continue Reading...

Steroids Loom in Major-College Football

WASHINGTON December 20, 2012 (AP)

With steroids easy to buy, testing weak and punishments inconsistent, college football players are packing on significant weight - 30 pounds or more in a single year, sometimes - without drawing much attention from their schools or the NCAA in a sport that earns tens of billions of dollars for teams.Continue Reading...

Andy Reid’s son had steroids at Eagles training camp

A Pennsylvania prosecutor said Monday that his investigation into the fatal heroin overdose of Garrett Reid, the oldest son of Philadelphia Eagles coach Andy Reid, revealed there were steroids in his room the day he died.

He said there was no evidence that Reid was giving the steroids to any Eagles players and that investigators could not determine if the drugs were for Reid’s own use or for distribution.… Continue Reading...

Cycling: can the sport repair its damaged image?

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Cycling: Pedaling a lie?

The sport of cycling is facing up to the biggest crisis in its history. Lance Armstrong is no longer a serial winner, but a serial cheat.

Pivotal to the story is an Italian doctor, Michele Ferrari, who is accused of doping Armstrong and his Tour de France team mates.

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Smuggling steroids in underpants

TWO men have been fined a total of $19,000 for illegally importing performance and body-enhancing steroids into Sydney in their underpants.

They were found to have more than 2900 tablets concealed in their briefs when Customs and Border Protection officers searched them as they returned from Thailand in April.

One of the men, who are both aged 21 and from Sydney, also had an illegal laser pointer hidden in his luggage, the officers found.… Continue Reading...

Garage-made steroids: Dangerous!

PANAMA CITY - Deputies are warning anyone who may have used illegal steroids created in Panama City Beach homes to consult a doctor because of the side effects known users are reporting.

An investigation by the Bay County Sheriff's Office led to the seizure last week of homemade steroids with a street value of approximately $1 million, said Capt.

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Justin Bieber Using Steroids?

At least one of the tabloids is speculating that Justin Bieber may be using steroids.


Justin Bieber has been noticeably bulking up lately and now the question of steroid use has been raised. It was only a matter of time before Justin’s good name was linked to something illegal. His physique has changed a bit over the past year, but is it due to steroids or the simple fact he has finally gone through puberty?Continue Reading...

Secret life of steroid-pumped cop Philip Tate is exposed

FALLEN police officer Philip Tate has kept his freedom despite allowing a transvestite Thai prostitute to run a brothel from his apartment.

 Philip Tate admitted misconduct in a public place

For 15 years he had an exemplary record as a PC with Northumbria Police, serving on the Metro system, at Newcastle Airport and various beats.

But when the steroid-pumping officer was put under surveillance amid suspicions within his own force, his world began to implode.Continue Reading...