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“American boxing is rife with drugs and steroids”

By Bob Westerdale Boxing

ANTONIO Tarver – the man who stripped Sheffield boxing hero Clinton Woods of his treasured world title four years ago – has been suspended after testing positive for the anabolic steroid drostanolone.

Clinton Woods

The scandal doesn't surprise Woods, who wants the sport to clean its act up, particularly in America.Continue Reading...

Donaire commits to steroid-free boxing

MANILA, Philippines - Nonito "The Filipino Flash" Donaire Jr. is serious about drug testing as he submits himself to year-round tests through the Voluntary Anti-Doping Agency (VADA).

Nonito "The Filipino Flash" Donaire Jr.

"I decided to do this because I wanted to show that all of the things I have done, I have done through hard work.Continue Reading...

Steroid investigations are a waste – NOT!

by Diane Diamond

Diane Dimond

OK, I want the big, bad federal government to stop it! Get off the backs of these poor professional athletes. Leave them alone to simply do what they do best — rake in dollars and public adulation by playing the sport they love. I mean, really, these are the closest thing we have to royalty in this country and they should not be held to the legal standards of mere mortals.Continue Reading...

Marlon Byrd banned 50 games

Outfielder Marlon Byrd, who admitted to working with the man whose center triggered a federal investigation of steroids use and distribution among athletes, has tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs.

The league announced on Monday that the free agent has received a 50-game suspension after testing positive for Tamoxifen. He will be put on the restricted list and will remain there until Aug.… Continue Reading...

Matthew Dear

‘Steroids killed our son’: Teenager tried to bulk up his muscles.. within weeks he was dead


Matthew thought anabolic steroids would give him the bigger muscles he desired… but taking them ended in tragedy

Shocking: Matthew on life support before his untimely death

With peroxide blond hair and a spray-tanned semi-naked body, Cabinet minister Caroline Spelman's son Jonny flexes his muscles for the judges at a body-building competition.… Continue Reading...

Richard Klementovich

Richard Klementovich, the 42-year-old Clifton, New Jersey police officer who barricaded himself in the home of his ex-wife in nearby Doylestown and turned a quiet neighborhood into a free-fire zone, was apparently attempting to commit "suicide by cop."An admitted steroid user, Klementovich - who was paid $114, 560 in 2011 - described himself as angry "at this job and law enforcement.… Continue Reading...

Erick Rhodes (James Naughtin)

Heavy steroid user dies of heart attack at age of 30

Erik Rhodes, 30, a 6-foot-4, 258-pound gay pornographic-film star who died last Thursday in Manhattan from a heart attack after a nearly decade-long career that had made him an unlikely celebrity in some New York social circles. He appeared regularly on Page Six, spent time with the designer Marc Jacobs, was profiled in magazines that had nothing to do with pornography, and shot an ad campaign for Loehmann's.… Continue Reading...

Steroid abuse by law enforcement a serious problem

By Jo Ciavaglia

He was an angry, suicidal police officer with a body built like a Sherman tank who was armed with more firepower than any off-duty law enforcement officer could possibly need and had no reservations about using it, police and court documents say.

But those details about Richard Klementovich, the man charged with firing more than 117 bullets at police during a 10-hour standoff Sunday in Doylestown Township, could be signs of something else, according to a University of Texas professor: steroid abuse.Continue Reading...

Rafael Cavalcante Tested Positive for Steroids

Another fighter caught using steroids!

By John Heinis

The California State Athletic Commission has confirmed that former Strikeforce light heavyweight champion Rafael Cavalcante tested positive for an anabolic steroid,according to MMA Weekly.

Specifically, the athletic commission says that “Feijao” tested positive for stanozolol metabolites.

Said CSAC Executive Officer George Dodd:

Our primary concern is for the health and safety of fighters.

Continue Reading...

Jury cleared Clemens. Will history?

By Thomas Taschinger

Roger Clemens has thrown many a pitch on the edge of the plate and then glared at the umpire, hoping to get the call he wanted. Since he was a good pitcher, he usually saw a strike rung up. Last week he got the call of his life when a jury cleared him of charges related to lying to Congress about taking steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs.Continue Reading...