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Yankees President Levine to Join Taylor Hooton Foundation Board

McKinney, TX (April 30, 2012)  The Taylor Hooton Foundation (THF), widely acknowledged leader in the advocacy against performance enhancing substance abuse by the youth of North America, announced today that Randy Levine, President of the New York Yankees, has agreed to join its Board of Directors.

Randy Levine

“I’m honored to join the Board of this outstanding Foundation,” said Levine.  “With the help of Major League Baseball, the Yankees, and other supporters, Don Hooton and his team have done more over the years to educate our kids as well as their parents and coaches about the dangers of these drugs than any other organization.  Every young person they reach with their message is potentially a life saved.  I look forward to being part of their efforts to drive awareness of this problem as well as helping them reach their goal of eliminating steroid abuse.”

“It’s not every day you have the opportunity to bring someone of Randy’s stature into an organization,” said Taylor Hooton Foundation Board Chairman Neil Romano.  “His accomplishments as President of the Yankees for the past 12 years are well-known and considerable,” said Romano, “but his abilities go far beyond just the game of baseball.  In the increasingly complex world of business and philanthropic endeavors, there are few people better than Randy to have on your team!”

“Having someone like Randy Levine join our Board is further validation of everything we’ve been trying to accomplish since this Foundation started over 8 years ago,” said THF Founder and President Don Hooton.  “I’m absolutely thrilled that he’s agreed to join us, and excited to think about how much more we can accomplish together over the next few years with Randy’s help,” added Hooton.… Continue Reading...

Ex-Drugs Cheats’ Olympics Life Ban Overturned

Dwain Chambers and David Millar have been given the all clear to compete at the London 2012 Olympics following a court ruling.

The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) has declared the British Olympic Association’s lifetime ban on drugs cheats invalid.

It has decided the ban is incompatible with the World Anti-Doping Agency’s code and is therefore unenforceable.Continue Reading...

Steroids in Colorado State University players’ home

I read with great interest this article about steroids being found in the home of some CSU football players.  Based on my experience, I am certain that everyone involved with the program is expressing "shock" at this finding.  Coaches and athletic directors are probably expressing surprise - and reassuring fans that this is an isolated instance - that they are confident that there are no other players at CSU that are juicing.  That it's just these three guys and no one else!… Continue Reading...

Steroids: What to look for in your child

When adolescent changes appear to spurt ahead at warp speed, parents should consider whether or not their teenager is taking steroids. Unfortunately this over-simplification doesn’t always work, because kids mature at different times, at different rates, and sometimes even under differing social environments, with competitive sports and "looking good" often in the mix.Continue Reading...

Dietary Supplements: More harm than good?

Millions of people who take dietary supplements to ward off cancer may be toying with a “two-edged sword” that might do them harm, experts have warned.

A team of US scientists said there was no good evidence that supplement pills and capsules reduced the risk of cancer in healthy individuals, pointing out that antioxidants such as as beta carotene, and vitamins C and E might even have biological effects that promote cancer.… Continue Reading...

Is doping out of control in MMA?

There is a school of thought that says that the use of anabolic steroids and other PEDs are out of control in the MMA.

I came across this opinion piece on the subject and thought it worth sharing with you.


by Scott “Kubryk” Sawitz

Leave it to a professional wrestler to be the voice of reason when it comes to steroids and PED use in MMA.Continue Reading...

Canadian athlete used steroids to cope with depression

Judy Owen, The Canadian Press

Jordan Matechuk revealed Wednesday a battle with depression played a role in his arrest last year for marijuana and steroid possession.

Now the Winnipeg Blue Bombers long snapper/fullback wants to talk about the mental illness in the hopes his story will help others.

“The things that happened to me, I did them to myself,” Matechuk said after the first day of Winnipeg’s mini camp.Continue Reading...

Man arrested on suspicion of steroids

Right out of our textbook:

  • This guy claims that he didn’t know that using steroids is illegal.
  • he purchased the vials (used for injecting the drugs) from a health food store!

Parents, do you still wonder why we are trying to get your attention about why some many of our kids find it so easy to get their hands on these drugs?… Continue Reading...

British team member fails doping test

LONDON (Reuters) - An unidentified member of the British bobsleigh team has tested positive for a banned substance, the sport's governing body said on Wednesday.

"This gives a very clear message to athletes that you will be regularly tested to ensure a clean and fair sport," British Bobsleigh's performance director Gary Anderson told the BBC.… Continue Reading...

THF Education Program Approved for Law Enforcement

The Taylor Hooton Foundation is pleased to announce that our Hoot’s Chalk Talk program has been approved for presentation to law enforcement personnel.

The Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCLEOSE) reviewed our Hoot’s Chalk Talk program and have approved our curriculum.  Officers who successfully take the course and pass our test will be entitled to earn 4-8 hours of CEU credits.… Continue Reading...