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Roid Rage: It’s real!

We continue to be vilified for having the nerve to suggest that ‘roid rage is a real side effect of steroid use, even though we saw this phenomenon with our own eyes in our on home.

Here is another in a series of stories about steroid users who committed violent acts.  Then, of their own volition, they have recognized the connection between these drugs and their bad behavior.… Continue Reading...

Teen prostitutes use steroids to enhance their appearance

Steroid use is widespread.  And it’s not just the boys.

Read this sad story about young girls using steroids to look better.  In this case, girls in brothels are using veterinary steroids to improve their looks so that they can attract more customers!


The Red Light District in Bangladesh is a squalid boulevard of ruined dreams and aspirations.Continue Reading...

Fighter Lawal suspended and fined for steroids

It seems that every day brings another story(s) of star athletes being busted for steroids!


The Nevada State Athletic Commission voted unanimously on Tuesday to fine and suspend Muhammed Lawal after a positive test for anabolic steroids in January.

Lawal’s second-round stoppage of Lorenz Larkin on Jan. 7 was overturned to a no-contest, as such he was required to forfeit a $15,000 win bonus.Continue Reading...

Two men arrested on charges of possessing, manufacturing steroids

I continue to be amazed by the people that we run into, especially kids, who don’t realize that possessing anabolic steroids is illegal!

Note that the California men are “felons” – they were making steroids in their home.


Two Antioch men were arrested Wednesday after police say they were nabbed with steroids and the supplies necessary to make them.Continue Reading...

Body builder imported steroids from China

A body builder who admitted importing steroids from China is facing a possibility of spending 5 years in jail and having to pay a $110,000 fine.


BULLIED at school for being fat, Brenton Dowell took up bodybuilding but became so obsessed he began illegally importing anabolic steroids from China.

He organised for more than three kilograms of testosterone – enough to last one person more than 60 years – to be mailed to him.Continue Reading...

MMA’s Cyborg gives speech about steroids

One of the biggest names in the female MMA fighting world is Cyborg.  She tested positive for steroids last December and is currently serving a one-year suspension.

She chose this time to speak out.


Opinion by:  Perry Lefko

Cristiane (Cyborg) Santos has picked an interesting time to issue a public service announcement about the evils of steroid use — the very thing that has put her career and life on hold — and you have to wonder if she is truly sincere or merely trying to find a way to get back into the good graces of her sport.Continue Reading...

Another Indian athlete caught using steroids


LAUSANNE, Switzerland - Surya Prasad Sharma of India has been banned for two years after testing positive for an anabolic steroid.

FINA says Sharma had traces of stanozolol in a sample given at a competition in Trivadrum, India.

India's national anti-doping agency imposed a two-year ban that expires in November 2013.Continue Reading...

Energy Drinks: A panacea to health? NOT!


Wherever we go to speak to young people, we hear talk that “everyone” is taking energy drinks.  They are “safe” supplements . . . . Right?  Not necessarily!
Please read up on the reality about these products BEFORE making the decision to do what everyone else is doing and ingesting these products.
Continue Reading...

Beware: Dietary Supplements!

Although many, many experts agree that supplementing is, generally speaking, a waste of money for a high school or college athlete, millions of us continue to do it.  And, the more we learn about supplements, the more we understand how dangerous they can be.

These products are UNREGULATED and there is no agency that insures that what’s on the contents label of the box of supplements is really what’s in the box.… Continue Reading...

Spanish police bust drug ring implicated in positive tests at Olympics and Tour competitions

SPANISH police have arrested 10 suspects in Madrid and Barcelona and smashed an international sports doping ring allegedly linked to the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, officials say.

Police said the network was implicated in competitors’ positive doping tests at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, cycling’s 2010 Tour of Spain and 2009 Tour of Portugal, as well as the 2010 Spanish athletics championships.… Continue Reading...