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Todd Ganci

I grew up in a big family; I was the third of five kids, three girls and two boys. My father was a Captain in the Army and my mother was a nurse in Germany.

My mother was, and is, a very hard worker. She’s still into gardening and landscaping in her 70’s.… Continue Reading...

Pete Kennedy

Negative Effects of Steroids

Excerpts taken from “A Body to Die For“, originally published in the New York Daily News.

Pete Kennedy was just another guy in the small town of East Berne, New York. A sleepy farming community, Kennedy was known as the person to talk to if something needed fixing.… Continue Reading...

Brad Cunningham

Negative Effects of SteroidsExcerpts From The Human Cost, published in Sports Illustrated, April 24, 2006

Anabolic steroids are not solely used by the elite bodybuilders you see on magazine covers. The appeal of  these illegal drugs is strong, even on an amateur level. The guys pumping iron next to you at the gym may never be on a magazine cover, but that doens’t mean they aren’t striving to achieve that level.… Continue Reading...

Heidi Kreiger

Negative Effects of SteroidsExcerpts from, “East German Steroids’ Toll: ‘They Killed Heidi‘”, originally published by The New York Times.

Andreas Krieger’s story remains one of the most prolific, yet heartbreaking, stories of steroid abuse. Krieger abused steroids so heavily that he underwent a sex change; he used to known as Heidi.… Continue Reading...

Harry Gordon, III

Negative Effects of SteroidsExcerpts from Steroids helped him bulk up, then killed, originally published in Concord Monitor

The role that steroids played in Harry Gordon III’s death is black and white, written write on his death certificate “Cardiac hypertrophy associated with anabolic steroid abuse” was his official cause of death, according to the death certificate.… Continue Reading...

Efrain Marrero

A Gentle Giant

He was our gift from God. Our first born…a son! We beamed with a pride that only parents can fully comprehend. We doted on him and adored him. We loved him with all of our heart. As the years passed he filled us with joy as we saw our hopes and dreams for him coming true.… Continue Reading...

Rob Garibaldi

Baseball was his life.


With competition heightened to unprecedented levels of success, our youth are hearing an implicit message that to be competitive and successful in sports – to be bigger, faster, stronger – to have the edge of added strength and power performance-enhancing supplements and/or anabolic steroids are necessities.… Continue Reading...

Raoul Mout

Everyone who knew Matt Dear agreed that he was growing up into a fine young man. A sea cadet, his life-long ambition was to join the Royal Marines. He rarely drank alcohol and did not smoke or eat junk food – so keen was he to pass the elite force’s super-tough physical.… Continue Reading...

Michael Harris

Riches to Rags

Former bodybuilding champ speaks out about how steroids almost cost him his life

A quick glance at Michael Harris won't offer any palpable evidence of a tempestuous former lifestyle. A more exhaustive look won't render much more about the life of a man who abused steroids for four hard years of his life.… Continue Reading...

Dionne Roberts

Negative Effects of SteroidsWhen cheers turn to depression
High school girl got a steroid scare

By Stan Grossfeld, Globe Staff

FREEHOLD, N.J. – She just wanted six-pack abs. So, Dionne Passacantando, a 17-year-old high school cheerleader, gymnast, and vice president of her Allen (Texas) High School class, made a decision she regrets. She bought anabolic steroids from a boy on the school football team.… Continue Reading...