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South Africa boxing rife with steroids

It seems like every day there is another story from another country of another sport that is found to be rife with the use of steroids. Today’s story comes from South Africa where officials are learning that the sport of boxing is full of steroid users.


Molefe banned for doping

SA boxing featherweight champion Matima Molefe has been banned for two years from the sport over anabolic steroids, the Institute for Drug-Free Sport said on Tuesday.… Continue Reading...

Nutritionist warns against steroid use

We’ve chronicled on these pages a number of maladies that can result from steroid use.  Here is an article from a nutritionist who takes another angle on this controversial topic.


A nutritionist, Jummai Hassan has warned athletes against the use of performance enhancing drugs as such can alter the water-processing mechanism in their system.

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Are over half of all top athletes cheating on steroids?

Seven years after BALCO's demise, Victor Conte believes that over half of top athletes are still doping.

"I believe that before the BALCO affair, 80% of athletes were using steroids, today that figure stands at about 65%," Conte said in a hard-hitting interview with La Gazetta dello Sport Thursday.

Could his estimate be accurate?… Continue Reading...

Steroids sales soar in Scotland!

Steroid use continues to escalate globally.  This week the stories are about Scotland and the increasing presence of steroid on the street and in the gyms.



THE number of people caught selling steroids in the Lothians has soared, with police snaring nearly 50 dealers peddling the performance-enhancing substances in the last three years.… Continue Reading...

Cockfighting and steroids – what a beautiful combination!

Cockfighting Ring In Lancaster, Calif. Broken Up: Meth, Steroids Seized

This cockfighting story has it all — 100 roosters, $1 million in meth, steroids for birds and a deputy named Peck.

CBS Los Angeles has unearthed this feather-filled gem in which deputies investigating possible drug sales claim they uncovered a cockfighting ring in Lancaster, Calif.… Continue Reading...

Awards for cops involved in drugs and murder investigation

Detectives involved in a complex investigation into the dealing and distribution of anabolic steroids have won high praise for their work.

Det Insp Martin Pasmore receiving his award

Patrick Hyland from Vicarage Close, Great Saling, his estranged wife Hyacinth of Little Waltham, and Colin Lathbury, from the Isle of Man, were jailed for their parts in the drugs operation.Continue Reading...

Ex-cop (steroid user) outgrows uniform – murders ex-wife

All of the physical signs of steroid use were there including unusually fast muscle growth.  He grew so much so that he had to replace his police uniforms.

Before long, the psychological signs developed.  This cop began to exhibit “roid rage”, and the next thing we know of the story is that he (allegedly!) killed his wife.… Continue Reading...

US Hammer thrower suspended 4 years over doping violation

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (AP) — Hammer thrower Matthew DiBuono of New Rochelle, N.Y., has accepted a four-year suspension after testing positive for the presence of anabolic agents.

The U.S. Anti-Doping Agency said Friday that a sample DiBuono provided at the U.S. track and field championships in Eugene, Ore., in June tested positive for the presence of synthetic steroids.… Continue Reading...

Taliban youth take steroids before suicide missions

Steroids are very powerful drugs that affect the mind in addition to building muscles.  As evidence of their mind-altering side effects, note that the Taliban use them as part of their regimen to give young boys the “courage” to strap bombs on their bodies and kill people!

A group of Taliban would-be suicide bombers is presented before the media in Bajuar Agency in August 2008.

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