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Steroid Use: Punishment must fit the crime

Here is an OpEd piece authored by THF that ran in the 2/28/2011 edition of the San Francisco Chronicle.

Steroid use punishment must fit the crime

Ohio man gets 10 years for steroid business

Priorities and choices make a difference. Greg Kreuz will spend 10 years in prison for his steroid operation.

Judge Alan Mayberry sentenced Kreuz on Friday and used Kreuz' own words from a previous charge against him.

In a pre-sentence report made in 2005 in a Fulton County case on similar charges, Kreuz said he then realized how "precious" his children were.… Continue Reading...

Government provides glimpse of its gameplan to try and convict slugger Barry Bonds of perjury

Prosecutors for the Barry Bonds perjury case have watched the presiding federal judge dismiss key evidence, have had to revise the indictment several times and have withstood a motion to dismiss the case by the home run king’s defense team.

But the trial appears to be on course for its scheduled start date – March 21 – and Thursday night the government filed documents that provide a glimpse at the strategy it will use to try to convict the former Giant who socked 762 career homers.Continue Reading...

Man Accused In Officer Attack Possessed Steroids

Prosecutor: Tragedy Was A Long Time Coming

OKLAHOMA CITY – In a crowded courtroom full of police officers, a judge denied bail for the man accused of assaulting an officer.

Officer Chad Peery may never walk after he suffered a spinal cord injury trying to break up a bar fight, officers said.Continue Reading...

Doping Scandal in India

RANCHI: Empty vials of stimulating drugs and used syringes were recovered from the toilets of Ganpat Rai Indoor Stadium and cleaning staff reported seeing some athletes using the injections, raising possibility of doping in the ongoing National Games. Officials have promised to investigate.

Jharkhand Wrestling Federation’s general secretary Bhola Nath Singh took a serious note of the issue.… Continue Reading...

Steroids and Students: A Major Problem

I sometimes have people look at me like I am crazy when I describe the epidemic of steroid use among our youth.  With this in mind, please read this article and watch the news video that is embedded in the article (follow the link at the bottom of this story).… Continue Reading...

California NARC Accused of Selling Steroids

Well, we’ve read about various policemen and firemen around the country using steroids, but this is the first case we’ve come across of a narcotics officer SELLING steroids!


2/17/2011 7:47 PM
Calif narcotics agent suspected of selling drugs 
A California narcotics agent who has overseen hundreds of drug investigations has been jailed himself on suspicion of selling drugs.

Continue Reading...

Lawyers For Barry Bonds Want To Block “Roid Rage” Testimony In Trial

Lawyers for Barry Bonds asked a federal judge in San Francisco today to block prosecution witnesses from testifying at his perjury trial next month that the home-run champion was allegedly “abusive and disrespectful” to others while purportedly on steroids.

The defense said the proposed testimony from two former employees and a former girlfriend, Kimberly Bell, would be “replete with personal invective, rumor and speculation” and wouldn’t scientifically prove Bonds took steroids.… Continue Reading...

Texas Rangers Baseball Foundation and Taylor Hooton Foundation Announce Education Program for Arlington ISD Students

The Texas Rangers Baseball Foundation today announced the creation of a partnership with the Taylor Hooton Foundation for Fighting Steroid Abuse on a comprehensive education program in the Arlington Independent School District.

Details of the partnership and program were announced at a press conference today at Hutcheson Junior High School in Arlington.… Continue Reading...

Biggest European Drug bust in history – and it was steroids!

Steroid use is an international problem.  And, it’s bringing in millions of dollars to drug dealers!

We constantly get criticized for “exaggerating” the steroid problem.  But then we ask, “if steroid usage is as low as some claim, then who in the world is buying all of these millions of dollars worth of drugs from these black market dealers?… Continue Reading...