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Steroid Bust in Allen, TX

For those of you in the Greater Dallas area, to whom do you think this guy has been selling these steroids?  Do NOT think that our kids aren’t in his list of “customers”!


From staff reports

Published: Monday, October 18, 2010 7:41 PM CDT
An undercover drug investigation resulted in an arrest Tuesday.
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Synthetic steroids plump-up muscles but come with health risks

Davenport, IA - 

 It’s a physique many try to achieve: big bulky muscles. But some are looking for a faster, yet doctors say far more dangerous way to get there.

“They think over the counter, it must be safe,” said Dr.

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Taylor Hooton Foundation Releases Open Letter for Five Year Anniversary of Baseball-Steroid Hearings and Upcoming World Series

Federal Efforts to Confront Youth Steroid Threat are a "Travesty"

WASHINGTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today, The Taylor Hooton Foundation published an open letter in the USA Today's World Series Special Section addressing the steroid threat still facing America's youth-five years after the Congressional hearings on steroids in Major League Baseball. The letter calls upon the Congress and the Federal government to take action.

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Press Conference

We held a telephonic press conference yesterday regarding the position that Senate Candidate Linda McMahon has taken on the steroid topic.

I should note CLEARLY that we are not advocating a vote for or against Mrs. McMahon.  We are simply pointing out the profound responsibility that we believe she has on this important topic which involves the health and welfare of our youth.… Continue Reading...

A candid view of steroid use by a current gym user

YOUNG gym users are being warned to not give in to the temptation of steroid use after a local gym user broke his silence over the emerging culture.

The 21-year-old, who declined to be named, trains mostly in gym and said he had seen teens as young as 16 experimenting with the drug.

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Steroid use among athletes is not a victimless crime

"Say it ain't so, Rocket."

("Say it ain't so, Joe." Reported words of a young fan to Shoeless Joe Jackson after the Black Sox gambling scandal.)

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Another unknowledgable adult suggests to kids that steroids may be okay to use!

Many adults simply can’t figure out where our kids get the message(s) that it’s okay for them to use steroids . . . here is a sportscaster leading young journalist students to believe that we don’t really know whether these drugs are dangerous or not.


Newspaper: Musburger says pros could use steroids


11 hours ago

Brent Musburger, the play-by-play man for some of college football’s biggest games, told a group of college journalism students that professional athletes under a doctor’s supervision could potentially use steroids to improve performance.

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