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The Steroid Issue is not going away in the CT Senator’s Race

Being associated with steroids is not something to brag about, at least not publicly.  I receive a lot of hate mail, but almost 100% of it is signed “anonymous”.   While many take strong positions behind the scenes, few have the courage to defend their positions in the public square.… Continue Reading...

Expose on Steroids – Done by The Sun, a Major UK Newspaper

This is a MUST READ article by every visitor to this site.  Please take 5 minutes and read this current article.


THEY offer a quick fix for young men craving the muscle-bound body of a movie or sporting hero.

But as well as boosting muscle, anabolic steroids can wreak more sinister havoc with both mind and body.

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Another victim of steroids?

Over time, we have chronicled a number of cases, including Taylor’s, where steroids were involved in the death of human beings.  Sometimes it’s from depression.  Other times it’s from aggression (‘roid rage).

Here is one more of those stories to add to the growing pile.



Published: Today

THE bodybuilder held over the murder of his ex-girlfriend in a hospital car park became “bigger and angrier” after getting hooked on steroids, pals revealed last night.

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Former WWE Diva admits to using steroids!

And you all thought it was just the guys in professional wrestling that are using steroids!


In an interview with The Connecticut Post, former WWE and ECW diva Dawn Marie made revealed that she used steroids. The article which digs into Vince MacMahon and his wife’s pursuit of a Senate seat, WWE’s drug testing policy, and other WWE related issues.

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Kidney Damage

As I have mentioned in previous posts, there is growing concern among many in the medical community about the affect that anabolic steroids can have on the kidneys (see previous posts).

I received a note from a concerned parent today that I believe is worth sharing with you all.


I have a story to tell about Steriods.

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13-year old interested in taking steroids

Parents:  WAKE UP!

Even our pre-high school students are interested in exploring the use of anabolic steroids.  Here is a real question from a real 13 year old kid in Kansas City about this subject.


Ask us: Are steroids addictive?

Q: I’m a 13 year-old boy and I have just started to lift weights, but I really want to get steroids.

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Steroids are easy for our kids to buy

I continue to be amazed by adults who come to use with the attitude – “I am certain that my kids aren’t using steroids because there are no drug dealers in our neighborhood.”

It this subject weren’t so serious, these attitudes would be laughable!

After a recent steroid scandal in Waterloo, Canada, a local reporter set out to find out how difficult (easy) it is for our kids to get their hands on these drugs.… Continue Reading...

Student Letter

I normally reserve this space for news articles.  However, we received an unsolicited letter from a Massachusetts high school student this week that I think you all need to see.

“Out of the mouths of babes” . . . . almost no one is talking to our kids about the dangers of Appearance and Performance Enhancing Drugs!… Continue Reading...

Steroids sales is a big business!

Some people have no appreciation for how large a “local” steroid business can be.  I think this article might be an eye opener for many of you with respect to how much product a local dealer can produce and sell to his local clientèle.

Friends, from every aspect, this is a drug business.… Continue Reading...