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Steroids, Could Your Child be Next?

An interesting commentary appeared in one of the health blogs on the Internet this morning.  I think this is worth passing along.


Does your child use steroids? Of course not. That's what concerned parents want to believe. Yet scores of young people are consuming a toxic stew, drugs they believe will enhance physical strength, performance and stamina, and build confidence.

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Borneo: Misuse of Steroids on the Rise

Steroid abuse is not limited to the United States.  Here is an article from a newspaper in Borneo describing the use of steroids and the deaths that have resulted from the excessive use of these drugs for the purpose of working out harder or looking better.


Bandar Seri Begawan – Racing up to look fit has become an obsession among many locals, with some resorting to the use of “supplements” to aid their quest.

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Phil Shryock Joins THF Team

It is my pleasure to welcome Phil Shryock to the Taylor Hooton Foundation team!

Phil will have the title of Director of Marketing and Development.  In this capacity, his primary responsibilities will involve the overall marketing and growth of the foundation.  For example, he will oversee the web site, all of our collateral, our positioning in the social networks like Facebook, Twitter, etc.… Continue Reading...

Texas Considers Ending Steroid Testing in High Schools (Budget Cuts)

Here is a story that ran this week on Dallas Television – it adds to the previous post (below) which describes some of our leaders’ push to end steroid testing in high schools.

Note:  The following link contains the video which ran on the local nightly news in Dallas:



Posted on February 18, 2010Gallery

DALLAS – Steroid testing of high school athletes in Texas may soon become a thing of the past next year.

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Texas: Budget Cuts Threaten to End Steroid Testing in High Schools

Visitors will not be surprised to learn that we will be extremely disappointed if the State of Texas discontinues this nation’s largest high school steroid testing program.

Critics of the program point to the low number of positive tests as an indication that there is no steroid problem in Texas high schools – nothing could be further from the truth.  First, the program was never designed to “find out how many kids are using steroids.”  The program was designed to be a deterrent – to provide a reason for our kids to say no when tempted to use these dangerous drugs.

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