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Even NYPD is Having to Fight Steriod Use Among Its Police Ranks

It seems steroid abuse is going on in every corner of our society.  As I’ve noted in a couple of previous postings, even our law enforcement personnel are not immune from the desire to be bigger, stronger and faster through the use of illegal anabolic steroids.

Here is a story from today’s NY Post.  This article mentions the fact that a number of supplements are spiked with steroids.  And that organized crime is involved in the steroid business.… Continue Reading...

Steroids and Police

No group is exempt from being involved with steroids. We’ve heard a number of stories from around the country about the involvement of various policemen in the sale, distribution and use of anabolic steroids. Here’s one of those stories – this story hit the papers this morning.


Local police resign after allegedly making and using steroids
by Melody Dareing
The three Georgia police officers caught for alleged steroid use were reportedly manufacturing it in their homes, according to the official internal investigation report.
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Steroids and Boxing

The use of anabolic steroids in sports continues to be in the headlines. Today, it’s boxing. And, it’s in reference to one of their biggest of fights – the upcoming welterweight championship bout between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquaio.


Superstition or Steroids: Is Manny Pacquiao - Floyd Mayweather JR being Scrapped?
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Tiger’s Doctor is Being Investigated in APED Probe

The saga of Tiger Woods woes seems to be never ending. Now, one of his doctors is being investigated and has been accused of providing appearance and performance enhancing drugs to elite athletes. Some say that this may indicate that Tiger may be guilty by association.


Report: Doctor being investigated in PED probe

NEW YORK - A Canadian doctor who has treated golfer Tiger Woods, swimmer Dara Torres and NFL players is suspected of providing athletes with performance-enhancing drugs, according to a newspaper report.

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Where do Kids Obtain their Steroids?

We are regularly asked where our kids get their hands on steriods. The answer is scary: steroids are exceptionally easy for kids to obtain. They are sold at virtually every public gym in the US, anywhere the “big guys” are working out. And, they are available over the Internet. My son Taylor was buying his steroids from a young punk at the YMCA!… Continue Reading...

Tim Maxey Promoted to New Position at MLB HQ

I am proud to share with you the news that Tim Maxey, a friend and active member of our THF Board of Advisors, was recently promoted to a newly created position in the Commissioner’s Office of Major League Baseball.

Our congratulations go out to Tim along with our best wishes for success in this new role.… Continue Reading...

Our Hoot’s Chalk Talk Program is Saving Lives

Occasionally, we hear from young people who have attended one of our Hoot’s Chalk Talk events. Today, we heard from a young person who tells us that because he attended one of our events in an MLB park this summer, the life of one of his friends was spared.

This note is worth reading and makes all of our hard work worthwhile.… Continue Reading...

Bulking up with Anabolic Steroids Harms Kidneys

Experts agree that anabolic steroids damage virtually every organ in the body. Recent studies show that the kidneys are on set of organs that come under particularly harmful attack.


Anabolic steroids may help athletes gain muscle mass and strength, but this bulking up comes at the risk of serious kidney damage, according to research published in the Journal of the American Society of Nephrology.

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Dick Butkus’ “I Play Clean” Campaign

Visitors, please take just a few minutes and watch this important video.

Don… Continue Reading...

Surprised? Black Market Steroids Usually Mislabeled

This saga goes on and on and on. The junk that is being sold to our kids in the gyms and over the Internet are rarely what they are advertised to be. That is, even if the buyer has convinced themselves that it’s okay to purchase and use illegal anabolic steroids, there is NO GUARANTEE that what is being purchased is anything similar to what the user “thinks” they are purchasing!… Continue Reading...