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Hooton Presented Distinguished Service Award for Fight Against Steroids

I am very honored to be receive the Distinguished Service Award from the United States Sports Academy (, America’s Sports University, this week.

Most importantly, I am pleased to see that an organization of this stature recognizes the hard work that our team is doing in the name of my youngest son, Taylor.… Continue Reading...

The Year of Redemption for A-Rod

As many of you know, we are proud to be associated with Alex Rodriguez. As has been reported in various media, we have had the unique opportunity to join with him in speaking out on the subject of anabolic steroids to kids.

This very timely article in today’s Los Angeles Times speaks to the role that AROD’s work with us on this issue has played in his redemption.… Continue Reading...

Mark McGwire Hired as Batting Coach for St. Louis Cardinals

Reaction from Donald Hooton, father of steroid user


Within a few months of the Congressional hearings that have come to define baseball’s steroid era, Don Hooton, who testified at the hearings and is the father of a steroid-user who had committed suicide, received a nondescript envelope in the mail.
It contained a check to the Taylor Hooton Foundation, paying off a promise.
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Cuban sees ‘common sense’ steroid use

Parents and coaches – HEADS UP!!!

Some of the folks we talk to can’t understand where our children get the idea that it’s “okay to use steroids” in sports.

Take a look at the remarks that Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks, made yesterday in Pittsburgh. Does he think that the children of this country somehow won’t “hear” him when he makes statements like this?… Continue Reading...

Hidden hazards in bodybuilding products, FDA says some supplements have illegal steroids

We are in the early days of trumpeting the risks of purchasing over the counter supplements. Because these substance are completely unregulated, the user is totally at risk of purchasing substances that are laced with anabolic steroids and/or stimulants.

This article posted in this weekend’s Boston Globe is worth reading in its entirety.… Continue Reading...

FDA Health Adivisory: Body Building Supplements can be Dangerous

Although I am delinquent in posting this article, I thought it important to our visitors to make sure that you are all aware that some supplements that can be purchased in your local health food store can be just as dangerous as the anabolic steroids that you read about on this web site.… Continue Reading...

Three busted in steroid sting

Although we could probably post articles like this almost daily, I thought this “bust” was particulary worth sharing because law enforcement officials took the time to point out the unsanitary conditions where these drugs were being “manufactured.”

When we talk to young people, we always point out the REALITY of how and where these drugs are handled prior to being put into vials and sold on the street – usually someone’s basement or garage, not in some sanitary pharmaceutical facility.… Continue Reading...

Alex Rodriguez is the main reason why New York Yankees are up 2-0 in ALCS

I admit to being a little prejudiced, but we at the THF are all extremely proud of the Yankees’ performance in the MLB Playoffs so far. And, of course, we are particularly pleased with the key role that Alex Rodriguez has played in the Yankees success to date.



October 19, 2009 – John Harper

ANAHEIM – Never mind that Angels closer Brian Fuentes threw one of the worst 0-2 pitches in baseball history, right in Alex Rodriguez‘s danger zone, practically inviting the Bombers’ slugger to pop one into Yankee Stadium‘s short right-field porch.

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‘Wrestler’ actor pleads guilty in steroids case

We still run into many folks who don’t think of anabolic steroids as being “drugs”. Well, that’s exactly what they are! And steroids dealers are no different and behave no differently than any other drug dealers.

Take a moment and read this article about Scott Siegel, a 35-year old “movie star”.… Continue Reading...

Senate seeks tighter supplement regulation from USADA

During Senate hearings on Tuesday, Travis Tygart (CEO of USADA and an advisor to the Taylor Hooton Foundation) told the Senate that his organization is close to announcing a plan to propose regulatory reform of the supplements industry.

In addition to enjoying the support of most professional sports leagues, Travis can count on the support of our organization.… Continue Reading...