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Ex-Bears great Dick Butkus passionate about anti-steroid program

One of our closest partners in our battle to end steroid abuse among our nation’s kids is legendary NFL Hall of Fame player, Dick Butkus.

In support of the cause, Dick and his team are holding a Charity Fight Night at the Hilton-Chicago on October 15. Proceeds will go to the Butkus Foundation.… Continue Reading...

Steroid agression at play in Shawne Merriman incident?

Steroids are known to cause aggression. We saw it with our own eyes with Taylor. There is even a name for it that everyone knows as “Roid Rage.”

A number of violent events have been attributed to steroids including the death of wrestler Chris Benoit and his family. This time, it is alleged that steroids may have played a role in the violence that Shawne Merriman showed towards his girlfriend Tequila.… Continue Reading...

Sengoku Steroid Championship Bad for Mixed Martial Arts

Steroid use permeats many sports. Mixed Martial Arts is certainly not an exception!

As stated in this article, the author is concerned that MMA is thought of as “Steroid-fueled monsters covered in blood pummel each other until their faces are unrecognizable. How is this savagery considered a sport?”



In a recent interview with Tatame, Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva stated that should he emerge victorious from his fight at the upcoming Sengoku 10th Battle with “Big” Jim York, a bout with Josh Barnett for the vacant Sengoku Heavyweight title would take place in November.

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