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December 6, 2011
Who says that there is no such thing as 'Roid Rage?

Naked 300-Pound Bodybuilder Brutally Attacks Couple

A couple became the victims of “roid rage” when a naked, 300-pound bodybuilder named Ruben Arzu brutally attacked them in their California home on Saturday. A crew of four men had difficulty restraining the weightlifter using stun guns, so instead they used four sets of handcuffs. Ruben Arzu, 22, was under the influence of steroids and other drugs when he was sitting naked on the front porch of a couple’s home in Colton, Calif. late Saturday evening. Police said the husband, 35, confronted Arzu who responded by attacking and “savagely beating” him and causing major head trauma, according to The Associated Press. As the wife phoned 911, Arzu attacked her, too. She sustained minor facial injuries and multiple wounds to her head, The AP reported. The Sun of San Bernardino reported that Arzu initially tried to run off after the attack but neighbors joined in to restrain and surround him.
  • Police said it took four officers, two stun gun shots and four sets of handcuffs to restrain the 300-pound, five-foot-ten-inch bodybuilder from attacking again.
Colton police Cpl. Ray Mendez told The Sun of San Bernadino the man resisted arrest. It took four police officers to handcuff him and it took four sets of handcuffs to restrain him,” Mendez told The Sun. The couple is still in the hospital being treated for injuries sustained in the attack and both are listed in stable condition. Ruben Arzu was booked on suspicion of attempted homicide and aggravated mayhem, according to The AP.