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December 23, 2013
What causes low testosterone?
Instead of always hammering yourself with supplements, why doesn’t anyone look into what actually causes low testosterone?
I’m putting the finishing touches on a presentation for some medical doctors about natural testosterone boosting. Bottom line: While you may present with the symptoms of LOW testosterone such as a lack of muscle gain, increased belly fat, low sex drive and just an overall terrible mood, you DO NOT have low testosterone. And I’m willing to bet that your blood work doesn’t reveal that you have CLINICALLY low levels either. What gives? 1: You likely have blood sugar and insulin issues. When you consume too much direct sugar or starchy carbohydrates your body can’t naturally process all the incoming carbohydrates.  It’s like when you already filled your gas tank, once it’s filled up it can only spill over.. The “spill over” is stored body fat. Plus a blood sugar imbalance actually raises estrogen, the FEMALE, hormone. Less carbs overall and keep the carbs around your workout time. Eating THIS way DOUBLES your testosterone 2: Your liver can’t detox properly When your liver is “backed up”, your body can’t clear the estrogen that’s in your body. Where do you get estrogen from? Food, the environment and your body fat. Consider drinking 2-3 cups of organic green tea per day 3: You’ve got too much DHT The “baldness” hormone. When you have too much DHT, the DHT fights your cells for space. DHT is 10 times STRONGER than testosterone. Your testosterone can be FINE but you’ll still suffer the symptoms. Eat more essential fatty acid like omega-3 fish oil, eggs and grass fed steak Expect Greatness Jimmy Smith http://physiqueformuladiet.com/what-causes-low-testosterone/