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October 21, 2014
Were steroids behind the death of Champion bodybuilder Luke Wood?

Bodybuilder s family want truth

Champion bodybuilder Luke Wood was eight weeks away from his wedding when he died at Sydney’s Westmead Hospital from a massive internal haemorrhage. The 35-year-old had undergone a kidney transplant on August 20, 2011, but by August 23 his body was showing signs of rejecting the organ. He was discharged on August 26, and five days later he was dead, unable to be revived from a cardiac arrest, prompting a coronial inquest with a focus on his treatment at Westmead. Fiancee Nora Haddad said she had begged for him to stay, but the couple were sent home because the hospital needed a bed. “There was not enough care, he was black and bruised, he was bleeding for five days,” she told reporters outside the Coroner’s Court in Sydney on Monday. “Nothing was done about it.” Questions have been raised about whether steroids played a part in his death. “Luke admitted to use of steroids to some medical practitioners,” counsel assisting the coroner Patrick Griffin told the inquest. “His musculature was consistent with the use of steroids.” However, Mr Griffin said the inquiry was not about the use and abuse of anabolic steroids. Outside court, Ms Haddad rejected suggestions that steroid use was behind her fiance’s death. “Steroids is not what killed him. It was the kidney transplant is what’s killed him,” she said, standing between Luke’s sister and her own. “Obviously there’s something that’s happened that they’re trying to hide and we just want the truth to come out.” The court heard Mr Wood was classified as a category two triage patient when he went to hospital in August, 2011. He was meant to be seen within 10 minutes upon arrival due to the potentially life-threatening nature of his injuries. A CT scan was ordered about 3.40pm by emergency department registrar Dr Sambanthar Muralitharan and marked as urgent. But Mr Wood was sent to a different part of the emergency department at 5pm and the scan did not start until 6.26pm. Doctors were not told about the results until at least after 7pm. The court also heard that full medical records with “the relevant renal notes” were locked in a room, preventing access by the medical staff trying to save him. As a younger man, Mr Wood played with the Canterbury Bankstown and Balmain junior rugby league clubs, where he developed his interest in bodybuilding. In 1998, he became the youngest ever to compete in the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness competition. Mr Wood retired from professional bodybuilding in October 2009, feeling tired and run down. He was placed on the kidney donor list two years later. The inquest continues. https://au.news.yahoo.com/a/25301696/bodybuilders-family-want-truth/