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January 24, 2010
Was Michael Vick a Steroid User?

As we’ve chronicled in his space over the past few months, steroid use is widespread.  It crosses all sports and all elements of society, including law enforcement. This week, another role model is alledged to have used anabolic steroids – Michael Vick of the NFL. Don


Plano steroids dealer said he supplied NFL’s Vick

Saturday, January 23, 2010

By JASON TRAHAN and GARY JACOBSON / The Dallas Morning News jtrahan@dallasnews.com; gjacobson@dallasnews.com

Michael Vick has told federal investigators that he never used performance-enhancing drugs, but Plano steroids trafficker David Jacobs told The Dallas Morning Newsbefore his death that he was Vick’s supplier when Vick played for the Atlanta Falcons.

The News did not publish Jacobs’ allegations against the NFL quarterback because authorities at the time declined to confirm Vick was part of the Jacobs investigation.

But a newly released document shows that federal agents and prosecutors questioned Vick about steroids and human growth hormone while investigating his dog-fighting ring in the fall of 2007. Vick denied using the drugs.

Agents asked Vick about an alleged encounter at the Falcons’ 2006 Christmas party. Details of that encounter relayed by an informant to the Drug Enforcement Administration are similar to what Jacobs told The News after he began cooperating with federal agents and NFL investigators.

Vick was never implicated in the Jacobs steroids case. Vick was released from home confinement in late July after being sentenced to nearly two years in prison for his role in a dog-fighting ring. He then signed with the Philadelphia Eagles.

Contacted Friday for this story, Vick’s agent said he could not speak right then but said he would call back. He did not, nor did he return subsequent calls or a detailed e-mail.

Authorities said Jacobs ran one of the largest doping networks in the country before he was arrested in May 2007.

The new document, which summarizes Vick’s interview with investigators, surfaced because of open records requests by media outlets.

Agents told Vick that a DEA informant said that Vick was talking about steroids and human growth hormone with someone at the Falcons party and that Vick was overheard saying he “liked his product.”

Vick immediately denied to the investigators that the conversation ever happened and said he did not use performance-enhancing drugs.

Names, other than Vick’s, were redacted from the government summary, so it’s not clear whether the DEA informant referred to was Jacobs.

But in several interviews with The News that took place in the months before authorities say Jacobs killed himself and his girlfriend in June 2008, Jacobs said that at that 2006 gathering he was with Vick and other players who used his drugs.

Jacobs told The Newsthat he was invited to the Christmas party by friend Matt Lehr, a Falcons lineman at the time. “He introduced me as his brother,” Jacobs told The News. “I was at the table with Lehr, Vick …”

Lehr played for the Cowboys from 2001 to 2004. He was on the Tennessee Titans roster this past year. When The News first reported Jacobs’ account of the party in April 2008, only the names of Jacobs and Lehr were published.

Jacobs also named two other Falcons and another player at his table who he alleged used his drugs.The News isn’t naming them for the same reason it did not initially name Vick: They are not confirmed to have been part of any law enforcement investigation.

One difference in the two Christmas party accounts: Jacobs told The News that the party was at the Georgia Aquarium. The newly unearthed document says the party was at a nightclub. Read More >>