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July 28, 2017
Warning against use of hormones and steroids to build muscles
Bodybuilders who abuse drugs to build up muscles could end up suffering from low blood sugar, heart failure, liver disorder and renal failure. Photo: CNSA Bodybuilders who use drugs without doctor’s prescription to help them build muscles are risking their lives, the Hong Kong Economic Journal reports, citing a leading doctor. Dr. Wong Siu-ming, a consultant at the Prince of Wales Hospital’s Department of Medicine, said some young men inject themselves with anabolic steroids, insulin, growth hormones and similar drugs to buff up and achieve a great body figure. However, they could end up suffering from low blood sugar, heart failure, liver disorder and renal failure as a result, he said. Wong said there have been cases when people were brought to the intensive care unit after using these drugs. Public hospitals in Hong Kong have reported six cases of drug abuse for bodybuilding purposes over the past six years, Apple Daily reported, citing Hospital Authority data. In one of them, a 38-year-old bodybuilder contracted proteinuria and high blood pressure after abusing a certain male hormone. He was saved by a kidney transplant overseas. A 34-year-old man who had taken and injected himself with at least 13 drugs before joining a bodybuilding contest was later diagnosed with acute pulmonary edema, or excessive fluids in the lungs, and heart failure, which put him in intensive care. Louie Lobo, an associate professor in the Department of Physical Education of the Hong Kong Baptist University, said male hormones or growth hormones, which are banned in all sports, have side effects that can harm the body. A former bodybuilding instructor told Ming Pao Daily that he knew quite a number of bodybuilders in Hong Kong who have been using steroids and male hormones, adding that some of the drugs can be easily acquired from overseas websites. Some local clinics also provide injection services, he said. Meanwhile, Dr. Tse Man-li, a consultant at the Hong Kong Poison Information Center, warned that botox, which is popular with women seeking anti-aging remedies, is in fact toxic and users risk being poisoned by it. http://www.ejinsight.com/20170517-warning-against-abuse-of-hormones-and-steroids-to-build-muscles/