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October 4, 2013
Want to see where steroids are made?
The condition of one of the illegal factories in Batu Kawan.
This is but one of a number of photographs that we’ve seen that expose the truth about where steroids are made and where the raw materials for many supplements originate.  Even if kids don’t listen to our messages about the dangers of steroids. they should all be made to look at the truth about where their raw materials originate! Don

Malaysia: Steroids and unlicensed medicines worth more than RM157,600 were seized by Health Ministry enforcers at an illegal factory and seven premises here.

State pharmaceutical enforcement unit senior principal assistant director Noraniza Ahmad said the factory in Batu Kawan, on the mainland, manufactured products which were not registered with the ministry and contained steroids and scheduled poison.

“The steroids and scheduled poisons will affect the human body’s adrenaline glands, metabolism, weaken the immune system and cause kidney failures,” she said here yesterday.

Aside the factory, the enforcers also raided other premises and medicine halls in the state where they seized 157 unlicensed medicines and drugs, 37 illegal cosmetic products and 67 other products believed to contain steroids.

Noraniza said some 40 enforcement officers were involved in the operations codenamed Ops Cantaih on Wednesday.

The cases will be investigated under the Poisons Act 1952 and the Control of Drugs and Cosmetics Regulations 1984.

Noraniza advised tourists and Malaysians returning from abroad not to bring in unregistered products or cosmetics that would exceed usage for more than a month.

“For steroids or any product containing steroids, an individual may only import or bring back stock for a month’s usage only.

“Any amount exceeding that shall require a registered doctor’s prescription,” she said, adding that any person or company importing products containing steroids for a period exceeding one month would have to apply to the Health Ministry’s pharmaceutical services department.