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March 8, 2010
Wales: Steroid Users Outnumber Junkies at Needle Exchanges

Is this where we are headed? A society where the use of anabolic steroids has surpassed the use of other drugs?

If you’ve not read any other article that I’ve posted in this section, please take 5 minutes and read this article in its entirety. Because, I believe this is where we in the US are headed. Why? Because as a nation, vanity and the desire to win at any cost drives our youth’s behavior while at the same time we are effectively doing NOTHING to impede the growth of this growing epidemic! Don
STEROID use is so rife in Wales, users are outnumbering junkies in using needle-exchange programmes, drug experts have warned. Needle-exchange figures reveal that the numbers of users on body-enhancing drugs using the services has rocketed to 80% of the total in some areas. Cheap, often fake, internet steroids are flooding the market as more and more young Welsh men attempt to take a quick, easy path towards a body like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Fake steroids have been known to include baby oil and drugs normally intended for bulking-up cattle. They have also been known to cause a raft of side-effects including impotence, hair loss and the growth of “moobs” - man-breasts. Mike Mallett of the Newport needle exchange - where nearly two-thirds of walk-in clients are steroid-users - warned that the trend was growing and that people now had “no difficulty” getting hold of dangerous drugs from the internet and dealers. He said: “We’ve seen a steady year-on-year increase in the number of people using steroids. “The numbers are creeping up and around 60% of our client-base here are steroid users. A large proportion of them are young males aged 18 or 19 who want to go on steroids before they have done any weight training, which can lead to long-term health problems.”