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June 15, 2012
Va. Prep football coach charged in steroids case
FAIRFAX, Va. -Former Fairfax County football coach Jeffery Reagan has been charged with possession with intent to distribute steroids. Jeffery Reagan (Fairfax County Police Department)   He was arrested Wednesday in the parking lot of the Sully Plaza Shopping Center. Investigators say during an undercover operation, he was trying to get steroids from Jeremy Helbing. Helbing has been charged with distribution and conspiracy. Reagan started teaching at Mountain View Alternative in 2007. He was a football coach at South County Secondary School from 2007 through 2011. “First of all, it’s horrible that a coach would be buying steroids, but also, I’d be afraid that the coach would be trying to sell them to students,” says parent Laurie Griggs. “While this individual did have numerous contacts with students and teenagers and young people, we don’t have direct evidence to link him to either giving or selling any drugs to the students,” says Fairfax County Police Spokesperson Lucy Caldwell. Investigators say he was not currently coaching, but he was in the process of trying to get a coaching job at West Springfield High School. Now the school system has suspended Reagan without pay until further notice. “This is not an issue that is alone here in Fairfax County. It’s not only across the region, but it’s certainly in gymnasiums across the country, so it’s time to talk about the issue,” Caldwell says. “You always tell your kids it doesn’t have to do anything about steroids, it has to do with drugs. So you tell your child if your coach or your friends or anybody else offers you anything, you say no,” Griggs says. At Helbing’s house in Leesburg, investigators found numerous substances. They sent the items to the lab to determine exactly what they are. Police say this is an ongoing investigation.