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March 4, 2015
UK: Man Jailed For Pumping Pit Bulls Full Of Steroids And Chaining Them To Treadmills Ahead Of Illegal Dog Fights
A British man has been jailed for his barbaric treatment of pit bulls that he pumped full of steroids and chained to treadmills in an obsessive bid to prepare the poor animals for illegal dog fights. Pit Bull Breeder John Psaila
 According to the Manchester Evening News, a court heard that John Psaila, 49, is behind ‘some of most serious dog fighting gangs in the country’.
Following a raid on his Wigan home, officers from the RSPCA uncovered a disturbing range of dog fighting paraphernalia. Alongside two treadmills, the officials were shocked to discover a slaughter hour ‘bolt’ used for killing seriously injured animals, and steroids, used to breed more powerful and aggressive pit bulls.
image: http://cdn.inquisitr.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/Pit-Bull-Treadmill.jpg Pit Bull Treadmill
Also discovered at the father’s of two property were two “breaking sticks” scarred by dog bites. The court heard that such sticks were used to separate fighting dogs and also to prize open a dog’s mouth when it becomes “fanged.” An expression to describe what happens when a dog bites through its own lip, thus rendering it defenseless. The RSPCA described Psaila’s home in Thornvale, Abram as a “training school” for fighting dogs. Two pit bulls called Ziggy and Tip were found at the property. Psaila pleaded guilty to 14 offences including training animals to fight. Tony Stock, prosecuting, informed Wigan and Leigh magistrate’ court that Psaila and other owners of fighting dogs subjected their animals to a brutal regime lasting 35 days know as “the keep.” During this time the pit bulls were trained vigorously to get them fighting fit. Upon examination of Psaila’s mobile phone, prosecutors unearthed further evidence of the dog breeder’s involvement in illegal dog fighting. One of his texts regarding a pit bull’s performance in a fight read, ”Yeah, I remember she quit. Good mouth but no heart.’ Magistrats were informed the message was used to describe a strong jawed dog who lacked courage. Mr Stock told the court that Psaila was a man ‘intrinsically bound up in organised dog fighting’.
“The summonses to which this defendant had pleaded guilty are indicative of a man engaged in organised dog fighting. It has a highly organised tight-knit fraternity who protect identities by hiding behind kennel names and keeping in touch on mobile phones. “When looking at certain text messages and literature recovered from the defendant, inevitably this is a man intrinsically bound up in organised dog fighting.”
BBC News reports that Psaila’s defence, Clare Parrot, said her client had been a dog breeder for a long time, but only recently started training dogs for fighting because “times were hard” and he was “strapped for cash.” She said he initially denied being involved in dog fighting “out of shame.” Psaila was jailed for 121 days under the Animal Welfare Act. As he was escorted to the cells, Psaila, who has a pit bull tattooed across his back, winked at his daughter.
Pit Bull Breeder's Tattoo
RSPCA Chief Inspector Ian Briggs described Psaila as having “no regard for the pit bulls in his care – all he wanted out of those dogs was to boost his own ego and his own standing inside the dog-fighting fraternity by fighting them as much as he could.”
“John Psaila appears to be a big player in the dog fighting world, judging by the evidence we found during our investigation. Despite dog fighting being outlawed 180 years ago, we are seeing a growing number of cases. Those who organise and watch the fights have an absolute twisted enjoyment in watching violence.”
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