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September 9, 2010
UFC contender Shane Carwin linked to steroids by the DEA
One of the stars of UFC fighting has been closely linked to steroids by law enforcement. Yet, the leadership of the UFC is standing behind their fighter because he never tested positive under their random testing program. What a joke!  These testing programs are full of holes big enough to drive a Mack Truck through them. It’s time for the leadership of the UFC to take this problem seriously, to get their head out of the sand, and to deal with a problem that just may be permeating the whole of this sport! Don

UFC Heavyweight contender Shane Carwin has been named by a US prosecutor as one of twenty-two athletes receiving steroids from a drug ring in Alabama. Shane Carwin fought Brock Lesnar in UFC 116 back on July 3, 2010. Carwin was destroying the UFC Heavyweight Champion in the first round of their championship fight. The fight could have been stopped a few times. After round one, Shane Carwin was spent. Brock Lesnar came back in the second round to dominate and won with a triangle choke. Lesnar regained his UFC Heavyweight Championship and Shane Carwin has not been heard from since.

Speculations after the fight were that Shane Carwin had taken steroids and tested positive. This is not true. Dana White is standing behind his fighter. Dana White says Shane Carwin has never tested positive for steroids in the UFC. The problem with this situation is documentation the Feds have found that links Shane Carwin to steroids. It has nothing to do with whether Shane Carwin tested positive to steroids in the UFC or not. It has to do with a criminal investigation by the Federal government.

What are the facts in the Shane Carwin case? His name was on receipts from an illegal pharmacy ring that was selling steroids. This evidence was obtained by the government. The government has evidence that Shane Carwin bought steroids in 2006. There were five defendants who were convicted in the steroids ring. Michael Bennett was convicted of five counts. He is significant in this case because his initials are on the receipts found with Shane Carwin’s name on them. DEA agents seized steroids and lists of clients. Shane Carwin was one of twenty-two athletes listed on the paperwork.

It is believed Shane Carwin took steroids in 2006. Shane Carwin joined the UFC in 2007 and won all his fights until he lost in the UFC Heavyweight Championship fight (at UFC 116) vs. Brock Lesnar. Shane Carwin has never tested positive for steroids at a UFC event. However, this does not conclude he has never taken steroids while fighting in the UFC. This means Shane Carwin was never tested while he was on steroids.

What does this mean to UFC fans? As a fan, it is a shame to have UFC fighters linked to steroids. It is true there are steroid users in every sport, professional wrestling being the biggest culprit when it comes to steroid use. The UFC is supposed to be better than the WWE. Now there is a former WWE fighter as the UFC Heavyweight Champion in Brock Lesnar. Is there proof he never took steroids when he fought in the WWE? Many people believe all WWE fighters have taken steroids. It is part of the fake game of wrestling. Linking one of the superstars of the UFC to steroids could have horrible effects on the UFC. Some fans won’t care, but the die-hard fans will. Who wants to pay for another venue pitting fake athletes (infested with steroids) up against each other?

Dana White says UFC fighters are randomly tested for steroids. Some of the UFC stars have failied their tests. Fighters like Sherk, Royce Gracie and Christ Leben have all failed steroid tests.

Shane Carwin has been silent through this whole mess. It is likely he will never be charged because he was linked to the steroids. It is likely he will remain a UFC fighter. However, his name has been changed. He is no longer a UFC Heavyweight contender. He is a UFC Heavyweight contender who has been linked to Steroids.

Believe what you want about this mess. I am a huge UFC fan. I love to watch every UFC event. Before you decide for yourself what is or is not true, look at the facts. Shane Carwin was linked to steroid use by the DEA. There is proof that the man bought steroids. I was cheering for Shane Carwin to beat Brock Lesnar up at UFC 116. It was nice to see a bully taking a beating. However, I do not like seeing the UFC linked to steroids. It hurts the sport and makes you wonder if it is all just a farce like the WWE. http://www.helium.com/items/1946860-ufc-contender-shane-carwin-linked-to-steroids-by-the-dea