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October 30, 2014
Two men jailed for 'cooking' steroids and selling them on Internet
David Anthony Smith and David Martin Pierce
Two men who imported raw materials from Pakistan in order to “cook” their own steroids and sell them through a website have been jailed, David Anthony Smith and David Martin Pierce each received 15 months at Mold Crown Court. Smith, 26, of Mancot Way in Mancot, and Pierce, 25, of Bryn Garmon Cottages, Gwernaffield near Mold, both admitted conspiring to produce and supply steroids, a class C drug. Pierce also admitted conspiring to import diazepam, also a class C drug. Prosecuting barrister Sarah Morgan said in May of last year customs officials working at the Parcelforce Worldwide International hub at Coventry intercepted a parcel addressed to Pierce at his place of work at the Pinfold Industrial Estate at Buckley. It came from Lahore in Pakistan and was found to contain 3,000 diazepam tablets. A similar package addressed to him was found a couple of weeks later. When he was arrested at his place of work, Pierce said: “I have only been cooking it up for a few months.” He said he had been using a camping stove. Computer equipment and his phone were seized during a search of his then home in Hawarden. In a separate development a large number of tablets belonging to Smith were found in a garage in Saughall. They included steroids. A prosecution expert told how most of the steroids seized were in their raw powdered form which could then be made into injectable solutions. When Smith’s phone was examined, texts showed he was bemoaning the fact that he had been “grassed up”. He complained that he was still getting daily orders worth £1,000 but could no longer fulfil them. Other texts suggested he was trying to sell off stock the police had not found. Smith admitted importing steroids in powdered form and then selling it via a Fusion Pharma web site they had set up. Pierce admitted importing hormones and cooking them on a camping stove with oil and sterilising alcohol to form liquid. Lloyd Morgan, for Smith, said he started using steroids in a gym and made the foolish decision to supply them to other gym users. Claire Jones, for Pierce, said that he had been beaten up, went to the gym to build up his confidence, and became involved in steroids. Judge Rhys Rowlands said the seized products could make steroids valued at anywhere between £8.750 and £17,500. “This was production of steroids to be offered for sale on a fairly significant scale,” he said. The two of them were in it to make money, they had taken the risk and now had to face the consequences. “This was a business with its own website, it was an on-going commercial venture,” he said. “The manufacture and sale of steroids is prohibited by law. “They produce side effects which are very well documented. The two of you deliberately decided to ignore the law to make money. It is so serious that only immediate custody can be justified.” http://www.dailypost.co.uk/news/north-wales-news/two-men-jailed-cooking-drugs-8024960