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October 19, 2009
Three busted in steroid sting
Although we could probably post articles like this almost daily, I thought this “bust” was particulary worth sharing because law enforcement officials took the time to point out the unsanitary conditions where these drugs were being “manufactured.”

When we talk to young people, we always point out the REALITY of how and where these drugs are handled prior to being put into vials and sold on the street – usually someone’s basement or garage, not in some sanitary pharmaceutical facility.

Please realize that what your children are buying on the street is dangerous and not just because anabolic steroids are dangerous. They are dangerous because their quality is extremely questionable and the sustances in those vials are typically unsanitary. There is no way human beings should be injecting themselves with this garbage!


Note: This drug bust sounds like just another bust of a meth lab, crack lab, or other drug dealer. You know why that is? Because that is exactly what these steroid distributors are . . . they are drug dealers!


An El Dorado Hills (California) man is in custody along with a Fair Oaks couple for allegedly being part of an anabolic steroid manufacturing ring.

Jason Glavin, 37, of El Dorado Hills along with Erin O’Neil, 40, and his wife Amy, 32, have been charged with possession of a controlled substance, possession of a controlled substance for sale and transportation of a controlled substance.

Glavin used to own a nutrition supplement company in Folsom called Max Muscle, but it is now closed.

The 10-month long investigation came to a conclusion late afternoon Oct. 14 when Glavin was arrested after he reportedly delivered 100 vials of anabolic steroids to an undercover officer in a parking lot in Citrus Heights.

Agents found what they called a “large” anabolic steroid lab at the Elverta home and seized more than 500 vials and 1,850 capsules of anabolic steroid pills, said Assistant Special Agent in Charge Gordon Taylor, of the Drug Enforcement Administration.

“In terms of underground steroid labs, this was a huge seizure for this area,” Taylor said. “The illegal use of anabolic steroids can be a dangerous practice, especially for young people. This danger is only compounded when drug rings manufacture steroids in unsanitary, unsterilized underground labs like we found in this case.”

The lab was located in an unsanitary utility room and contained what appeared to be raw steroid powder and large containers of liquid steroids, a vast array of packaging materials, vials, capsules and pre-printed steroid vial labels. Overall, this investigation resulted in the seizure of approximately 500 vials and 1,850 capsules of anabolic steroids with an estimated street value of $118,000.