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November 22, 2016
The Pressure On Men To Look Buff & The Abuse Of Steroids
Pressure On Men To Look Buff And Steroid Abuse A well built physique indicates discipline, a tamed lifestyle and a go-getter attitude. It’s hard to fathom the years of hard work and innumerable sacrifices made to establish the ethic of fitness which eventually leads to sculpting a commendable physique. But then again, that’s too much philosophy there. Let’s put it like this way- dudes want to look buffed. Period. As big as possible, as shredded as possible and that too, in the least amount of time possible. Here’s exactly where the word ‘fitness’ is thrown out and a path is carved for steroid abuse and eventually, demeaning smaller guys. On one hand, there are guys who have wrecked their organs and in the pursuit of getting ripped and on the other, there are dudes who are facing body image issues. Here’s what you really need to understand. Unrealistic Fitness Standards Will Always Be Advertised. It’s in Your Hands To Fall For Them Or Not

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Crib as much as you can. Protest as much as you can. Shredded fitness models will still grace the covers of fitness magazines, setting unachievable standards. Selling unrealistic fitness standards is a billion dollar industry and it’s not going to be destroyed by your online rants. So shut it. The best you can do is to educate yourself about fitness. It’s hard, it’s long and it can get tiring. You’ll also get very impatient. Find yourself better coaches. Turn away from any coach who recommends steroids and promises wonderous results with zero nutrition.

Professional Bodybuilding And Fitness Are Two Different Things

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Bodybuilders sit at the epitome of human discipline but they also sit at the epitome of relentless drug abuse. Hate it or hate it more, this is a fact. Of course drugs are used in other sports as well but the extent to which drugs are used in bodybuilding is hard to put in words. The human body can’t grow as bodybuilders do. It’s simply impossible. The extreme drug use at professional level bodybuilding alone negates it from being even a sport, let alone looking up to it as an example of fitness. Extreme bodybuilding is not fitness. Till the time you are natural, it’s all good. It takes years of religious training and precise nutrition to get where a drugged bodybuilder can get under a year. Now you do the math!

The Drug Fuelled Quest To Become Abnormally Big And Inhumanly Ripped

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Again, the issue of drug use and getting jacked is incredibly interconnected that you just can’t ignore it. Everybody loves shortcuts and steroids provide you just that. It’s not only the pros who are sticking needles in their asses, chances are that almost every other guy at your gym is either on a cycle or is thinking of getting on one. Juicing is prevalent and so is running away from putting in time and effort. Skinny guys want to get big quicker and desi gym trainers want to make money, the abyss starts here.   Don’t let drugs guide you!

Juicing Is No Joke. If Not Sooner Than Surely Later, Abusing Steroids Can Kill You. Stay Natural, Be Patient And Work Hard!

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Steroid use yields tremendous results and this becomes an addiction. Once you are hooked, it’s hard to turn around. If you do get off this addiction, getting back to normal is very difficult, both mentally and physically.  No matter what juice you are on, abusing it can literally kill you or impair you for life. You need to understand how anabolics function. Learn first, and then apply them. There’s a difference between application and abuse. But if you are out there to just cut fat and put on some lean muscle, you don’t need juice.

The Big Muscular Corpses

If you still refuse to work hard and aren’t willing to put in time, here is a list of professional bodybuilders who died following steroid abuse. (Putting down their names and the reason of death, you can Google their participations.) 1) Dan Puckett: Died from heart failure in 2007, age 22. 2) Mat Duvall: Died from a heart attack in 2013, age 40. 3) Trevor Smith: Died from a heart attack in 2004, age 30. 4) Robert Benavente: Died from a heart attack in 2004, age 30. 5) Andreas Munzer: Died from multiple organ failure in 1996, age 32. http://www.mensxp.com/health/body-building/33440-we-really-need-to-talk-about-the-pressure-on-men-to-look-buff-the-abuse-of-steroids.html