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December 12, 2011
Texas school charged with warning kids that the "steroid testers are coming"!
We continue to be told by those that are misreading the low number of postive test results in Texas, that “we don’t have a steroid problem in our schools”.  If that’s truly the case, then ask yourself why the athletic leadership at a Houston High School would feel the need to warn their athletes that the steroid testers are coming and to make sure they are prepared when the testers arrive? Don
AUSTIN, Texas - A Houston high school faces allegations it violated Texas‘ steroids testing program by warning students when testers were coming to campus. Houston Sterling High School faces a reprimand or ban from participation when the University Interscholastic League meets Monday in Austin. UIL rules require the tests to be conducted at random and unannounced. Sterling officials did not return a telephone message seeking comment in advance of Monday’s meeting. UIL spokesman Chris Schmidt says the alleged violation occurred during the fall testing period but could not provide further details. Budget cuts have forced Texas to scale down its testing program in recent years. The program is now supposed to focus on only a few sports, including football, baseball and track. http://www.dailyjournal.net/view/story/9e4d715ddf3f4ba2b16b4252ef0c18ac/FBH–UIL-Steroid-Testing/