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July 28, 2012
Texas releases 2011-12 Anabolic Steroid Testing Report
The University Interscholastic League (UIL), the governing body for high school athletics in Texas, released its 2011-12 Anabolic Steroid Testing Report late Friday, and the good news is the testing program appears to be working. Under the program, administered by the National Center for Drug Free Sport, 3,311 tests were administered from the fall of 2011 through the spring of 2012, covering 21 spots and 217 schools. Of the 3,311 students tested, 3,087 of them were boys covering 11 spots and 224 were girls covering 10 sports. Only nine confirmed positive results and two protocol violations came out of the testing. According to the report, a protocol positive is where “a student athlete violates the UIL steroid-testing protocol.” In these two cases, one protocol violation resulted from a selected student who did not report for testing, and the other was the result of a substituted specimen. Yeah, like you’re going to get away with that. Nice try. The sports most tested were: Boys, football (shock) with 1,366 tests. Girls, volleyball with 30 tests. Girls soccer (28) and basketball (24) were close behind while baseball (622) was the second-most tested sport in boys. It appears the testing program is working. The report did not list schools at which the students to tested positive attended. Any student who tests positive, either from an actual test or a protocol positive, is immediately suspended from extracurricular activities for 30 days and must pass another steroid test, or exit test, before being having his or her status restored. A second positive test results in a 1-year ban.