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March 26, 2013
Texas High School Student Bench Presses 700 Pounds
A senior at a Texas high school, Matt Poursoltani, set a statewide bench press record, lifting 700 pounds â€" more than two and a half times his body weight â€" during a powerlifting event on Saturday. The remarkable feat is just six pounds shy of breaking the National Football League record of 705 pounds, which former Dallas Cowboys ofensive guard Larry Allen set in 2001. Allen, who was regarded as the strongest man to have ever played in the NFL, was 65 pounds heavier than the 270-pound Poursoltani at the time of his lift, making Poursoltani’s accomplishment even more impressive. Matt Poursoltani, a burly student at Texas’ Pilot Point High School, denied ever using steroids or other performance-enhancing substances. “If you need something to help you work out, you need to get out of the sport,” he told the Dallas Morning News. “If you can’t drive yourself that hard to come in here and work out, then it’s probably just not for you.” Through a rigorous training routine and high protein diet â€" consisting of six sunny-side-up eggs every morning, bacon, sausage, and tuna â€" Poursoltani has improved his bench press by 100 more pounds over the past year alone, the Dallas Morning News reported. Poursoltani said that he avoids protein shakes, opting for large cold cut sandwiches and two 16-ounce steaks with collard greens for lunch instead. Poursoltani is known as “the freak show” at his school because of his size and weight lifting ability. Ryan Kennelly holds the bench press record, lifting 1,075 pounds in 2008. http://www.newsmax.com/TheWire/texas-high-school-student-matt-poursoltani-bench-presses/2013/03/25/id/496217

Note:   The gentlemen (Ryan Kennelly) who currently holds the record for 1075lbs has been busted for possession and delivery of steroids just a few months after he broke the world record!   http://www.theironden.com/threads/5968-Ryan-Kennelly-Busted-Again!