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October 10, 2011
Taliban youth take steroids before suicide missions
Steroids are very powerful drugs that affect the mind in addition to building muscles.  As evidence of their mind-altering side effects, note that the Taliban use them as part of their regimen to give young boys the “courage” to strap bombs on their bodies and kill people!
A group of Taliban would-be suicide bombers is presented before the media in Bajuar Agency in August 2008. Forensic examinations have proven that the Taliban drug youths before sending them on suicide bombing missions. [Ashfaq Yusufzai]

 PESHAWAR - A majority of the suicide bombers are under the influence of narcotics, said Pervez Khan, a chemical analyst at the Department of Toxicology and Forensic Medicines at the Khyber Medical College, Peshawar.

"They use heroin, opium, steroids and other intoxicating agents before embarking on a mission," he told Central Asia Online. "We examined a would-be suicide bomber who had been killed by Adezai Qaumi Lashkar and police near Peshawar August 12. His blood was found full of heroin that had been administered through injection just minutes before."

Officials have analysed the blood of three other would-be suicide attackers and found heroin, hashish, steroids and other intoxicants, he said. They have also found evidence of narco-analgesics, he said.

Psychiatrist Abdullah Shah at the Hayatabad Medical Complex said the drugs are easily accessible.

"Intoxication by their handlers also gives them courage and energizes them to an extent where they don't feel uneasy from the load of the explosives they wrap around their bodies," he said. "The steroids cause insomnia …, besides giving them immense power and energy."

Most suicide bombers appear abnormal when seen on closed-circuit TV cameras, police officer Nasir Khan at the Police Forensic Science Department told Central Asia Online.

"Dizziness, sleeplessness and usage of drugs remain hallmarks of all the suicide bombers from the footage we have examined so far," he said. "Without use of drugs, it is not possible for a human being to carry out such a big task."

Other incentives

Maulana Zaheer ul Haq in Jamma Umaya Mardan said besides drugs, militant planners also use brain washing techniques and sexual lures to recruit youth.

Political Agent Khyber Agency Tariq Hayat (left) presents a 14-year-old alleged would-be suicide bomber, Salman Khan, who was arrested in Torkham June 12, 2009. [Ashfaq Yusufzai]

"The Taliban either kidnapped the boys or recruited them from some religious schools and put them in the suicide training schools in tribal areas where they were brainwashed to the extent that at times, the boys insisted that they should be sent on the mission as early as possible," he told Central Asia Online.

The terrorists told them they would go to Paradise where virgins would be waiting for them, he said.

"The training, which lasts for about two weeks, taught the gullible boys killing the pro-western soldiers of the Pakistan government is their prime duty. They are also given especially-designed graphic literature scripted in Urdu, Pashto and Persian which inculcated in them anti-government sentiments," he said.

Practice against Islam

"Anyone killing one person amounts to killing all human beings and he or she would be taken to task by Almighty Allah on the day of judgment," Kashif ul Islam at the Islamiat Department of the Government College Peshawar said.

"All the religious scholars and local clerics and prayers' leaders (imams) strictly oppose the suicide bombing but they cannot openly condemn these acts because of the reprisals of Taliban," he told Central Asia Online.

The so-called Jihadist has been defaming the religion of Islam which calls for loving children, he said. The Taliban are doing exactly opposite of what Islam has instructed by using children to kill other innocent people, he said.

"It doesn't matter whether the suicide bombers were under the influence of drugs or have been motivated by the wrong interpretation of Islam by the Taliban but the offense they commit is unpardonable," Maulana Sadaqat Shah of Darul Uloom Sahabia Charsadda said in a telephone interview with Central Asia Online.

Acts of suicide bombings and attacks that harm human beings are condemnable, he said.