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October 24, 2014
Surprisingly, "Mr. Big" speaks out against steroids
Justin Rys Wellington’s one-time “Mr Big” of the body building scene has become an unlikely poster boy in the movement against “juicing”. Former body building champion Justin Rys, 38, was jailed for importing fantasy with a street value of $2.1 million. Now long out of prison, Rys has turned his life around. With his health faltering and speech affected after years of pushing his body to its limit, Rys is warning others to stay clean. He says he took fantasy because it helped with recovery. It was legal until about 2002. At that stage he had been taking it for 10 years and was addicted. Two years later he was arrested. He spent time in Australia where steroid use was rife among gym bunnies wanting to bulk up for the beach. He admits to using large amounts of party drugs, up to 30 ecstasy pills a night – “the good ones not the shitty ones”. “I went very hard. If you’re not doing what everyone else is doing then you’re not going to be the best.” Rys thinks image obsession is driving today’s market. “In the last five years or so it has increased probably tenfold or so, the amount of performance enhancing style drugs on the gym scene.” New Zealand is “catching up” to Australia, Rys says. “It’s everywhere in the gyms . . . People blatantly talk about it. It used to be for elite athletes – not any more. Now it’s anyone who ever wants to look good, anyone who wants to get bigger to get girls – it never used to be like that. “There’s all these [TV] shows like Jersey Shore and Geordie Shore – they’re always in the gym, they are looking good, they’re getting all the girls. I think they look at that and think: ‘I want to look like that and get girls’.” Rys says the drugs are no longer hard to come by. “You used to have to know someone in Russia or South America or you used to get it from a doctor, and at least you knew what it was. “Now people are just getting stuff that they make or mix up themselves that they bought over the internet. It’s not pure any more. It could be f…… anything.” He does not believe in these drugs being illegal but thinks more education about what people are putting into their bodies could prevent self-harm. “People have no idea what they are taking. They just believe whatever they are sold.” Rys says he doesn’t regret the path he took that landed him with mystery health problems. But he doesn’t recommend it either. “I don’t know who I would have been if I had not done it. Whatever I’ve done I’ve had fun, I’ve enjoyed myself. Whatever I’ve done I’ve got no-one to blame but myself.” http://www.stuff.co.nz/dominion-post/capital-life/10494884/Mr-Big-speaks-out-against-steroid-use