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January 17, 2011
Stockton cop busted for selling steroids
Every week it appears that some cop somewhere in the US is getting busted for steroid sale or possession.  When are we going to wake up and realize that we cannot seem to count on our local police forces to drive steroids out of our local communities.  And that the dangers that result to our kids are significant. Don

STOCKTON, CA – A Stockton police officer has been arrested on charges of possession of steroids for sale.

According to Stockton Police Department spokesman Officer Pete Smith, Darrin Fagundes, 26, was arrested Thursday in the parking lot of a Tracy shopping center.

Smith says Fagundes was arrested as part of an ongoing investigation. A second man, Anthony Kubena, 38, of Brentwood, was also taken into custody.

Both men quickly bailed out of jail, and were due in a Stockton court for arraignments next week.

Fagundes has been with the Stockton Police Department since June 2007, and works in the patrol division. Smith said Fagundes is on paid administrative leave pending further investigation.

Smith also said the department wasn’t pleased to see one of its own facing a felony charge.

“Society holds the people who protect them to a higher standard. Absolutely it’s disappointing when one of our own falls subject to an investigation and these kinds of allegations are brought against them,” said Smith.