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October 24, 2012
Steroids used to help men look better
Modiri Mogende
The athletic look is what many men pursue in today's metro sexual era. As people workout to get those killer abs, legs, large chest and lean triceps and biceps, the urge to perfection sometimes gets too pressured. In this case some have resorted to use steroids. One seller of the illegal substance told Timeout that steroid use has been steadily taken up by the modern man to enhance the images of their bodies. "People want the ripped look, they want to look like body builders," said the dealer who preferred anonymity. He gave Timeout a breakdown of a few steroids available in Botswana. "There are multiple types of steroids in the market. There is Deca-durabolin which helps to heal joints and gives strength thus a speedy recovery from a work out. It lasts between three to four weeks in the system," he noted. "The other one is called Sustonon; its job is to increase testosterone for lots of energy and it keeps the body at its peak, even older gentlemen prefer it for muscle building. D-bol gives quality muscle; it gives more permanent gain and increases strength. It is used for eight weeks," he said. He said these steroids are injected into the body. He noted that there are more dangerous steroids. He said Anapolon, which is a tablet, can damage the liver. "After six weeks of use, the user has to cleanse his or her body. If one does not do the cleansing, there could be a possible rise in hydrogen levels in the body," he warned. Anabol, also a tablet should be used for two to three weeks. "It helps one to gain weight; one can gain up to two kilograms. It is also presents a potential harm to the liver," he said. Our source said there are usually no risks of addictions; "The problem is that some people never get satisfied by the results so they prolong the use, this is where it is dangerous." Timeout caught up with one user who only identified himself as Patrice. He said he enjoys the boost he gets out of steroids. "They give me incredible energy to keep pumping (lifting weights)," he said, pointing out that he does not want fellow gym goers and his family to know that he uses steroids. "It is embarrassing for people to know you are on these things," he noted. Renowned fitness trainer, Chyna Mokaila says he has seen a steady rise in people coming up to him inquiring about steroids. "As a trainer I have zero tolerance for steroids," he said. Mokaila is of the view that people want to get results faster hence the use of steroids. He said a lot of men want to look sexy. "The problem is that steroids have short and long term effects and a lot of people are miss-informed when it comes to the use of them and they confuse them with supplements. "Supplements are meant to give the body a healthy boost, I use them. They maintain energy levels without adding any unknown substances in the body," he explained. Mokaila said steroids are extreme. "Just like some extreme liquid diets, one will get the intended results but will have drastic after effects. My advice is that people should adopt work outs as part of their life styles; though it will be long and gruelling, at least it will be healthy," he said. He said fellow trainers should inform their clients about the risks involved in the use of steroids. http://www.gazettebw.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=15308:steroids-and-the-modern-man&catid=20:timeout