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May 25, 2010
Steroids Sold to High School Students: Undercover Steroid Sting
The police in Georgia just busted a steroid ring that was selling steroids (drugs) to high school students.  And, now they’ve learned that this may be going on right across the State of Georgia! When we’ve called some of the schools in the area to try to schedule one of our Hoot’s Chalk Talk eductional programs, we’re met by local school officials who push back telling us that “we don’t have a steroid problem in our school.  Go to the next school, THEY are the ones with the problem!” Readers, one of our most difficult challenges as an organization is to motivate our educators to recognize that our children need to be educated on the dangers of Appearance and Performance Enhancing Drugs.  And, that a school principal or superintendent doesn’t have to “admit” that they have a problem in their school before inviting us in to enlighten their students about these drugs. As this bust illustrates, these drugs are out there and are easy for our kids to get their hands on!  If we aren’t talking to these kids . . . . who is? Don

Performance enhancing drugs stack up on a desk in the Calhoun Police Department from an undercover sting that led to three bottles of anabolic steroids and 19 viles of Test worth $5,000, and three people behind bars.

The sting happened May 19th 2010 the Calhoun Special Operations Division and the Calhoun Police assisted by the Conasauga Safe Streets Task Force.

It began when police received information that there were anabolic steroids at Calhoun High School, which led to an arrest of one student caught trying to push steroids at Calhoun High school back in March.  

But police wanted to catch the people who supplied the juice so they set up an undercover buy. An agent working in an undercover capacity was able to negotiate the delivery of the anabolic steroid to a location within the City of Calhoun. When the delivery was made officers converged on the suspect vehicles, resulting in the arrest of two suspects and one suspect fled into the woods.

Arrested at the scene was Justin Pitcock, 21 of Rome, GA who’s a student at Jacksonville State University and Bradley Barto, 25 of Creekview, FL. Police later arrested Corey Biggers, 22 of Rome, GA who they say fled the night before. All suspects were charged with possession with intent to distribute Anabolic Steroids along with numerous other charges.

Chief Garry Moss says during the investigation they learned there is an overseas narcotics connection. The DEA is now involved in the investigation, which Moss says includes several other Georgia counties. Moss says more warrants are expected soon.