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March 31, 2010
Steroids Smuggled from China

For any of you readers who have attended one of our Hoot’s Chalk Talk programs, you will recall that we explain that the source of most of the steroids being sold on the street is China.  And, that as a result, the quality and “cleanliness” of these drugs is no where near what it should be!!  A substantial percentage have been found to be contaminated with lead, mercury, zinc, tin, and/or arsenic. Here is news of a very recent bust of some US recipients of these Chinese steroids. Don

“Bossman”, “Gasman” and “Triple H”: The Guys Who Smuggled Your Steroids from China

From cocaine to black-market cigarettes, Miami has long been America’s preferred gateway for smugglers. Add Chinese steroids to the list. Last week, Miami feds charged 36-year-old North Carolina resident Eric Davis– nicknamed “Triple H”– with distributing steroids through the internet.  His alleged co-conspirators, Michael “Gasman” Reich and Timothy “Bossman” Tate, have already pleaded guilty to the same charge. They sold powder steroids through their Pro Labs online company- a provider cagily discussed by ‘roid connoisseurs on this message board. Steroid and human growth hormone production is a huge business in China, home of a $40 billion drug industry and very lax regulation. Davis is accused of attempting to distribute 12.5 kilos of anabolic steroids. That’s a lot of shrunken testicles. http://blogs.miaminewtimes.com/riptide/2010/03/bossman_gasman_and_triple_h_th.php