July 31, 2011
Steroids in the NBA?
Former Maverick and Laker Samaki Walker was caught with 8 bottles of liquid steroids.  He told officials that “he uses steroids to enhance his performance on the court. Something tells me that Samaki Walker is not the only NBA player using steroids?? Don
Former Louisville forward Samaki Walker tried to eat his way out of trouble in Arizona. Citing authorities, the Las Vegas Review Journal reported that Walker tried to ingest marijuana as Department of Public Safety officials approached his carduring a traffic stop Thursday. http://www.gq.com/images/sports/2010/06/nba-draft/draft-samaki-walker.jpg Ten grams of pot still were found in his possession, as well as eight bottles of liquid steroids. The report said that Walker told authorities that he uses the steroids to enhance his performance on the court. Walker plays professionally in Syria. The ninth overall pick in the 1996 draft, Walker played in the NBA from 1996-2006 and won an NBA title with the Los Angeles Lakers in 2002. But this incident is the most memorable thing he's done in a while - and the most head-scratching since his NBA draft outfit. If he already has steroids in his car, why try to scarf down the weed? http://www.lostlettermen.com/7-31-2011-samaki-walker-marijuana-steroids/