December 23, 2009
Steroids and Police

No group is exempt from being involved with steroids. We’ve heard a number of stories from around the country about the involvement of various policemen in the sale, distribution and use of anabolic steroids. Here’s one of those stories – this story hit the papers this morning.


Local police resign after allegedly making and using steroids
by Melody Dareing
The three Georgia police officers caught for alleged steroid use were reportedly manufacturing it in their homes, according to the official internal investigation report.

The report, provided for review by the Cedartown Police Department after it became public record, confirms what Polk County Police Chief Kenny Dodd and Cedartown Assistant Police Chief Jamie Newsome stated publicly about the incident involving two county officers and one city officer.

The investigation into off-duty activities of the officers began Sept. 2. That’s when one of the officer’s wives began suspecting her husband was cheating on her. She called Dodd and told him that, adding that he was acting strangely and also that she had been in the house when the drugs were manufactured with the other officer. The woman felt the drugs were the source of most of their problems.

Police went to the home of one officer while he wasn’t there and obtained three vials of a yellow liquid substance called finaplix. Finaplex is a steroid used to speed up growth and bulk of feedlot heifers, the report said.

Dodd began interviewing Bates and Garrett. Bates said he ordered a kit off a website and used Garrett’s credit card to order it because he didn’t have money at the time.

He said he and Garrett made the steroid together. He said he used four of five shots and two shots of injected testosterone.

… action is likely by the Georgia Peace Officer Standards and Training Council. Dodd said the results of the two investigations have been forwarded to the POST Council. The Council may revoke the certification of these officers, place them on probation (suspended certification) or decide to take no further action against them.