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January 27, 2014
Steroid use is exploding in Australia
The term “alcohol-fuelled violence” is increasingly under question in the debate about what has driven the apparent rise in one-punch attacks on Sydney’s streets. Some have pointed to increased use of steroids (and ice) by young men, which can cause heightened aggression, as a potential cause. These charts show the stunning increase in the volume of steroids being detected by authorities at the Australian border in recent years. These steroids would include some of the performance-enhancing substances so widely canvassed in last year’s revelations of widespread doping in professional Australian sport. But even with that, and factoring in some developments like more focus on the substances and improved detection methods, there’s not much difficulty sorting the signal from the noise in these charts, from the Australian Crime Commission. Steroids and hormones, including testosterone, have suddenly started coming into Australia in unprecedented volumes. First, there’s the total number of hormone and steroid seizures over a decade – from just over 1000 to almost 9000 last year. http://www.businessinsider.com.au/charts-of-the-day-australias-illegal-steroid-trade-is-exploding-and-could-be-fuelling-street-violence-2014-1