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February 15, 2012
Steroid use in the LPGA?
Written by: Larry Bohannan. The Desert Sun
Q: What's your take on steroid use on the LPGA Tour? If in fact they are used how do the women's taking then get around being caught. Do you have an opinion on Tiger's usage of steroids? A: Ah, steroids, steroids, when will they go away?  Okay, let's take the questions one at a time. First, I think it would be insane in this day and age to assume that there is no performance-enhancing drug usage on the LPGA or in any other professional sport. Why should the LPGA be any different? There is money involved, after all. But remember, steroids are not the only PED that organizations like the LPGA test for these days.  How would someone using a PED get away with it? Well, it gets tougher and tougher, because organizations not only test for the drugs but also for possible masking agents. What how Manny Ramirez was suspended in baseball for the first time, not for testing positive for a drug but for a masking agent.  But for every drug that is tested for, there always seems to be a way around it. I'm guessing most golfers don't test positive because they frankly aren't doing anything illegal.  Which for now is also my take on Tiger Woods. Yes, a doctor that Woods has worked with in the healing of his knee has been accused of helping other athletes with PEDs. Yes, Woods got pretty buff at one time. But that's not quite enough to convict Woods of steroid use. And while Barry Bonds never tested positive for steroids, either, he was at least convicted of obstruction of justice during grand jury testimony.  Nothing like that has happened to Woods. But again, it would be silly to think that some kind of PED use hasn't happened now the tour in this day and age. http://www.mydesert.com/article/20120215/SPORTS05/302150002