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January 3, 2011
Steroid store launches "education" campaign
I continue to be amazed by the audacity of the guys that are pushing the sale of illegal steroids to our kids. One of the websites where steroids are sold released this press announcement today.  It announces that they are launching a campaign to educate people about steroids.  They suggest that as long as your kids are dealing with “experts” like them, that they can feel secure knowing that they’ve purchased quality products and are being provided with instructions to use them in a safe manner. Parents, isn’t that what you want for your kids?  A website where they can go to purchase prescription-only drugs and feel “safe” that these drugs are okay for them to use . . .  unbelievable! Don Note:  I deleted the name of the company from their press release.  I do not want people to be getting steroid marketing messages from our website.

XXXX.com, a well-known online store for purchasing steroids, has decided to launch a campaign to educate people about these bodybuilding drugs. Online PR News - 03-January-2011

It is necessary for suppliers to educate people about their products, and when the product to be sold are steroids, then it becomes more important. XXXX.com, the online supplier of steroids, has realized this after being in business for a considerable long time. It has now decided to launch a campaign to provide information to people about steroids.

Speaking about the need to dispense proper info regarding the steroids, a top manager with XXXX.com commented, "We have noticed that most people are skeptic about using steroids fearing that these drugs would have negative effect on their health. We need to work to remove these kind of misconceptions about steroids. So we would soon be launching a campaign to tell people how steroids can give your body the positive push."

There is a lot of misconception among people about the steroids. Most think that it is a product consumed mainly by bodybuilders and athletes to enhance their performance. However, steroids like Winstrol can be used by anyone to build muscles and increase capacity of the body, provided the steroid is consumed with advice of a medical practitioner.

As another dealer associated with steroids points out, "Even when you take medicine for something like temperature, you consult a doctor. So what is negative about consulting a doctor for consuming steroids dose for getting intended effect. A steroid is also a drug made for producing a specific effect on the body."

About the Company

XXXX.com is an online steroid store where people can shop for any steroid they want. With experts in charge of the store, you can be assured of the quality of the drugs available. With them you can buy Winstrol steroid cycles tablets which can provide the cutting edge to the bodybuilders and the athletes.