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January 11, 2012
Steroid abuse can be lethal
Our organization attempts to provide true, objective information on the subject of steroids, HGH, and other appearance and performance enhancing drugs.  Some of the best advice that we can provide to our young visitors that are considering using these drugs is to share with you the experiences of those that are closest to what’s really going on in the gyms and bodybuilding communities.  While it’s always important to hear from the docs, some real “from the street” experience is sometimes more meaningful to potential users. With this in mind, here is an article that’s worth reading. Don

Nearly common experiences of anabolic steroid abuse by veteran athletes, most of which are viewed as role models by teenagers, aren’t new to us. The quest to the ideal and remain supreme at any expense is extremely destructive for society, especially the much younger generation who find it beneficial and fascinating to imitate their role models on “steroids.”

It is worthwhile to note that the addiction of steroid drugs is different from the misuse of other sorts of illicit substances like ecstasy because primary abuse of steroids is generally not necessarily driven by the quick euphoria this is a typical characteristic of different drugs of abuse. The abuse of steroids is much more related to the drive to modify physical appearance and performance.

Since consumption of steroid drugs oftentimes leads to spectacular improvements with regard to lean muscle, performance, and body strength in quick time, most steroid abusers typically overlook the costly damages or injuries that steroids could potentially cause. Many people disregard that any drug if abused will lead to uncomfortable side effects which side effectsranges from minor to extreme and from short term to long term. Steroids are no exclusions and their abuse, intentionally or unknowingly, can cause serious injuries. The most unfortunate part is the fact that long-term addiction of steroid drugs might result in long lasting and permanent injury aside from health complications such as strokes, psychiatric problems, and HIV/AIDS if needles are shared or non-sterile procedures are used.

It truly is as a result of and more factors that steroids are always should be consumed for legal purposes and following advice of a experienced medical practitioner. Moreover, the doses of anabolic steroids mustn’t be changed with out previous medical advice. In other words, being competitive is great but making attempts to succeed and complementing all of them criminal use of steroids or experiencing anabolic steroid abuse should really be avoided.

All in all, the best way to use steroids is to use them for legal purposes and only under medical supervision. It is worthwhile to remember that use of steroids does not lead to any side effect, but abuse of steroids can be lethal and hence best avoided.

About the Author:  Steve F. Wandel was drawn to the fitness industry over fifteen years ago & has taught various classes including kick boxing, body sculpting, and interval training. As an experienced trainer has as joined organizations against drug use and currently heads many steroid abuse programs. He now specializes in keeping kids away from abusing dianabol and other performance enhancing substances in college sports.