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October 25, 2011
South Africa boxing rife with steroids
It seems like every day there is another story from another country of another sport that is found to be rife with the use of steroids. Today’s story comes from South Africa where officials are learning that the sport of boxing is full of steroid users. Don

Molefe banned for doping

SA boxing featherweight champion Matima Molefe has been banned for two years from the sport over anabolic steroids, the Institute for Drug-Free Sport said on Tuesday.
The institute said Molefe tested positive for the drugs - metabolites of the anabolic agent Nandrolone - after a featherweight title fight in May this year. The banned substances were found in Molefe’s urine sample, taken by doping control officials on May 29 after the title fight in East London. CEO Khalid Galant said latest figures showed anabolic steroid doping among boxers was becoming a trend. This was because of a misconception that steroids alone would enhance performance and bring extra strength and power. He said there were four positives out of 87 tests reported between April 2010 and March 2011. "Due to the number of adverse analytical findings that we have experienced in boxing over the last two to three years, we have increased our testing and anti-doping education to professional boxing." Galant said by taking steroids boxers were placing their championship status and earning potential at risk. Boxers were also only "wasting their money" because the improvement to their performance was minimal. "We hope boxers will learn from these doping bans being handed down that champions are made through hard work in the gym and will not be found in some capsule or muscle powder drink," said Galant.